Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing?

Have you been searching for luxury storage in the Houston area to no avail? Whether you’re a business owner or simply in need of an upscale storage unit that will exceed your expectations, Amazing Spaces is a step above the rest.

Our beautiful reception area matches our industrious, yet high end self storage units. To get a better idea of how we offer stylish storage solutions that are ready to meet your needs and fit your budget, read through the details below. Remember, at Amazing Spaces, we’re more than just your storage space; we’re an extension of your home!

From Luxury Living to Luxury Self-Storage

Luxury Self Storage Design | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Amazing Spaces award-winning storage properties are designed with you in mind. It is our mission to create a remarkable experience the moment you visit one of our properties. Our properties aim to be a calming oasis amid the chaos that often accompanies the need for storage. We’re proud to have our properties featured in global publications and to receive national recognition for their exceptional design and premium self storage options.

The unique look and feel of each Amazing Spaces property tend to “wow” most visitors, but it is our team’s incredible customer service that truly set us apart. As a locally owned business, we work hard to deliver exceptional service throughout every moment of your stay. Perhaps that’s why our properties have been voted #1 “Best of The Woodlands” for over 10 consecutive years.

Amazing Spaces clients often comment on how much they enjoy visiting their storage unit. They’ll stop by the property to visit their space, then head down to the waiting lounge to grab a cup of coffee and relax while checking e-mails using our complimentary Wi-Fi. Should they need a meeting space, they know they can use any Amazing Spaces conference room free of charge.

Premium Climate Controlling Inside our Luxury Storage Units

Luxury Self Storage Amazing Spaces

Your items are our priority! When you have a home filled with antiques or other expensive treasures that require specific temperatures to preserve and maintain their beauty, putting them away in a garage or up in the attic can seem like a crime. This is especially true without moisture or temperature controlling inside the space.

Furniture and valuables could dramatically depreciate in a short period of time if they get damp or collect condensation by rapidly changing temperatures. Unlike other storage units, our facilities are specifically equipped to store valuables that need pristine climate control.

All Amazing Spaces climate controlled spaces feature 10 foot ceilings, which allow for easy stacking, but also further protect your belongings. All storage unit walls extend from floor to the ceiling. There is no need to worry about a neighbor peeking through any chicken wire or fence at the top of the unit (open-air units are often used by storage facilities to lower costs on their climate-controlled areas).

Our climate-controlled spaces feature individual air ducts that ensure all air condition goes where it’s supposed to: right on your belongings. Our painted and sealed floors help cut down on the buildup of moisture and keep your belongings clean.

Helpful to Small Business Owners and Their Teams

Luxury Self Storage Business Amenities | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Small business owners that rely on storage units are especially common among traveling sales teams. Imagine this: instead of flying product all over the country, your team can meet up in the city where the sale happens, all while the product rests safely in a storage unit. Unfortunately, a traditional storage unit of questionable quality may not be ideal for housing expensive machinery or other merchandise that needs to remain in pristine condition while a sale is being finalized.

Amazing Spaces robust security features (more on these in a bit) and self-storage design help ensure your inventory remains safe and sound, as well as in pristine condition.

Our premium storage units are not only perfect for keeping your product safe, we also offer small businesses the right tools needed to succeed directly on site. For example, our conference rooms will give your teams a chance to connect before, and after, meeting with clients. We will even accept deliveries on behalf of you, our clients.

In fact, you could send your extra inventory directly to your Amazing Spaces warehouse space! Our properties also have free Wi-Fi and a comfortable reception area for your team to relax in between meetings. Finally, we have offer the option to leave your key on file at our properties, instead of coordinating, and possibly losing, the key among your team members.

A Special Edge on Security Features

Luxury Self Storage Security | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Do you tend to avoid going to your storage unit alone or at specific times of day because the facility seems unsafe to you? Many storage units advertise that they are secure, but most of the measures taken are outdated or not available on the property 24/7.

Worse, the security cameras look old, outdated, or like they may not be working at all. To ensure we are providing the safest environment possible, we have security cameras mounted throughout our facilities, digitally recording 24/7. All footage is stored on an external cloud device and may be reviewed by our team at any point.

We also have installed individual security alarms on each of our units. An important difference in the Amazing Spaces alarm system is they are monitored by a 3rd party security team. This means, should your alarm go off during a time a team member is not on property, our security team will respond and send the authorities.

In addition, we have limited access gates ensuring only those who are supposed to be on the property may gain access. Moreover, our limited operational hours keep each of our properties in total lockdown during the most vulnerable times at night, 11PM to 6AM. Should anyone attempt to gain access to a unit during these times, the professional security team monitoring our property will dispatch the police.

Another important feature is the presence of cameras. These cameras will catch any criminals who attempt to break-in and steal your belongings but will also deter criminals from harming you while you’re utilizing your unit. Make sure there are cameras that can capture every angle of the facility, not just the front gate where people enter and exit.

High End Wine Storage for Every Wine Lover

Luxury Self Storage

In addition to providing secure storage options for homes and businesses, each Amazing Spaces property is proud to offer an exceptional assortment of wine storage vaults for your wine collection.

Designed by a team of wine and climate controlling expert, Amazing Spaces wine vaults are here to help you age your wine collection to perfection. The temperature inside Amazing Spaces wine vault area is maintained at the expertly recommended of around 55°F.  Additionally, the humidity inside the wine vaults area is held at the industry standard between 50 and 70 percent.

Wine of the month club members especially love our wine vaults; simply ship your wine deliveries to your secured space. No more waiting to sign for packages when we’ll sign for them on your behalf! Moreover, our wine vaults are protected by our back-up generators, as well as all Amazing Spaces security features, including limited access gates and keypad entry doors.

Luxury Boat and RV Storage

Luxury Self Storage Many Sizes | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Amazing Spaces high-end storage solutions are available in extra large sizes, for RVs, boats, and other motorized heavy equipment. These spaces enjoy the same premium amenities as our standard sizes, plus more! Our Champions ~ Vintage Park property features premium amenities onsite for your large vehicle or RV, such as a dump and wash station.

Our fully enclosed RV storage spaces range up in size to 80 feet long and feature extra wide 13 foot doors. Each of our RV spaces features painted and sealed floors, an electrical outlet to keep your battery charged, lighting, and extra-tall ceilings.

In addition to our specialty RV and boat storage options, Amazing Spaces properties offer luxury car storage for those in Spring, The Woodlands, and Magnolia communities. This is a perfect solution for lovers of exotic cars and unique vehicles that may not have quite enough space at home for their hobby.

All Amazing Spaces premium vehicle storage spaces feature monitored alarms and are protected behind the property’s limited access gates. Rest easy knowing your vehicle is secured and well protected inside an Amazing Spaces luxury vehicle storage unit.

We Value Your Time: One Stop Shopping at Your Convenience

Luxury Self Storage Visit Unit | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

One of the inconveniences of having a traditional storage unit is having to wait until the timing is right to move in your belongings. Thankfully, with our services, you do not need to worry about unforeseeable issues like the weather because we have covered drives for your convenience.

You do not need to worry about hiring extra help to move items because we already have the boxes, moving carts, and elevators you’ll need to make your move a breeze. Depending on the size of your load, we also have truck rental options for your convenience.

Another important consideration that concerns you and your belongings is the ease with which you can access your unit. A good storage facility will have adequate drainage for even the most torrential downpours to ensure your stuff stays safe and dry. This is also important to prevent an unexpected drive into deep water while you’re navigating around the facility. Thanks to the amazing design of our properties, every Amazing Spaces location has stayed dry and safe during the many natural disasters that have hit Houston the past couple decades.

Transparent Pricing and Convenient Online Bill Pay

Luxury Self Storage Pay Your Bill | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Traditional mom-and-pop storage companies tend to have a slot box that requires everyone to visit their location once-a-month to make a payment. For our units, we offer convenient online bill pay and we also have an online application to help you get the process started.

In order to ensure everyone is on the same page, we list our pricing information based on storage unit size and amenities clearly at the beginning. To ensure you find your perfect storage unit without seeing it, we offer an online storage size calculator. Answering the calculator’s questions with your cinque needs will help you make the best decision.

Upgrade your Storage Experience at Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Luxury Self Storage Waiting Lounge | Is Luxury Self-Storage Really a Thing? | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

At Amazing Spaces, we are here to provide luxury storage units to Houston, Spring, Magnolia and The Woodlands communities. With convenient locations throughout the area, we want to help you get the facilities you need to complete your next storage project. If you still have questions, feel free to talk to one of our friendly staff members today.

Amazing Spaces is Houston, Spring, and The Woodlands areas premier provider of self-storage and moving supplies. Amazing Spaces aims to provide the most remarkable storage experience possible. Our properties offer highly secured storage spaces, fully climatized units, and a customer service experience unlike any other. Give us a call today!

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