The Myths and Facts of Renting Storage Online

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Renting Unit Online

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, the process of an online rental may seem intimidating.  When we were moving to Houston, I saw that Amazing Spaces had the capabilities to rent online, but I was afraid of messing up somehow.  Luckily, I was able to rent my unit over the phone with Nathan, a leasing and sales consultant at the Amazing Spaces property in Louetta.  Since then, Nathan has been promoted to property manager at our location on West Road and I have learned the fundamentals of online storage rentals, which I will share with you today.  Moving is stressful enough. If I had known these little tidbits, I would have just rented my unit online and easily saved about 25 minutes of my precious time.  If you’ve ever moved across country, you know that the easier things are, the better.

Myth: If I rent a unit online at AmazingSpaces.net, I will be contracted into the unit and out of luck if my unit is too small or too big

Fact: Any time your unit is not the perfect size for you at Amazing Spaces, we will work with you to exchange it for one that is perfect at no extra charge.  If you need help finding the ideal size unit, try our storage size calculator online – it’s very accurate!

Myth: Renting a unit online is not secure

Fact: Our online rental system offers the highest online security possible.  We partner with a company that specializes in online rentals and keeping your information secure.

Myth: If I rent a unit online, I lose that “amazing personal interaction”

Fact: Even though you fully rent a unit online, we still need you to come into the store, sign your lease, and give us a copy of your driver’s license. This way you can personally meet your storage manager or leasing consultant.

Myth: It’s easier for me to rent a unit in person because that’s usually when I buy all my moving supplies

Fact: Renting online or in-person is all about personal preference.  We created our online rental system to offer our customers full, 24/7 convenience.  If you prefer to complete your tasks online, you can easily rent a unit and reserve moving supplies to be organized and ready to go by the time you sign your lease.

Myth: I won’t know be able to get information about available storage units as easily online as I would in the store.

Fact: Our online rental tool offers an extremely easy and effective way to compare prices and sizes online.  With a couple clicks of a button, you can see the latest prices and available specials on all of our units.

To sum it up: the convenience, speed, and security offered by renting a unit make renting a unit online a positive and almost enjoyable experience.  Next time you’re in need of a storage unit, try renting it online.

Ready to try renting a unit online?  Try it now.

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