Do You Need Small Business Storage? A Quick & Helpful Guide


Modern self-storage facilities present many options for small businesses. Whether you need storage for short term or long term purposes, storage units play a significant role in archiving documents, securely storing equipment and inventory. When ignored, storage issues can cause severe damages to any business. It therefore becomes imperative to adapt and find the best storage solution. Self-storage that is cost-efficient, convenient and flexible can be beneficial for many small businesses.

Today the business world in Texas is more competitive than ever before. Self-storage provides your business with a multitude of options to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Choosing a self-storage company

It can be challenging to choose a self-storage company. With so many options at your disposal, you need to understand what your business needs and choose a facility that suits your needs best. For instance, if you need your items insured at Amazing Spaces Storage Centers, we offer an inexpensive Customer Protection Plan. Other factors to consider when looking for self-storage for small businesses include the convenience of the location, cleanliness, customer service, and security.

Benefits of self-storage

If you are starting a new business, you need to be extremely aware of all overhead costs. This means you will have to reduce your expenditures including storage. Self-storage has the capability to help you achieve this goal by helping you store important items for a much smaller price per square foot than office space. Also, a growing small business might require extra storage space without having to expand until the firm is far more established. Small businesses can benefit a lot from self-storage.

small business storageFlexibility

Unlike renting regular office space, self-storage facilities do not require long term leases. Flexibility is important to small businesses since it creates room for growth, development and makes it easy to adapt. It’s important to consider flexibility since small businesses always have room for growth. Flexible storage options prepare the business for any seasonal variations in the company’s space requirements. Self-storage also provides the perfect choice for small businesses that are stock based. You might need flexibility regarding rentals, bulk storage, drive up units, extra-large spaces, elevators, carts and dollies, loading bays and easy ways to change the amount of space you need. After all, you need a storage facility that can quickly and easily adapt to your needs.


How often do you need access to your items? What about the location? The storage center you choose needs to provides you with full-time access to your equipment, files or stock. Look for a location that is equipped with a multitude of amenities to make it easy for you to access and use your storage unit, with staff who are experts and at your disposal to help identify and satisfy your storage needs. A storage manager can help you and recommend the best unit to ensure you have enough room for your items.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of self-storage. Personal businesses rarely have the resources or the funds to implement top-notch security measures. The safety of your belongings is crucial. Therefore, it’s never a smart move to compromise when it comes to security. Make sure you choose a self-storage property that can comfortably and confidently store valuable business files, inventories or equipment.  For example, at Amazing Spaces, our properties are equipped with the latest security technology. In order to access the property through our limited access gates, you will create a custom key-code pin to enter in our security system. At the point of entry, your alarm will be deactivated and you will be granted access to your space. If you happen to follow someone into the property and do not deactivate your alarm, the moment you try to gain access to your space, an alarm will sound. Our security team will be alerted and measures will be taken to ensure your space is secured.  Our properties are monitored 24/7 by a team of security professionals; our spaces are designed to keep your items safe.

More than storage

Businesses are always evolving. Your small business will be steadily changing. Your storage facility should always be prepared for whatever changes your business might undergo. Regardless of your preferences, a good self-storage facility ensures that it grows with the demands of your business. When it comes to storage issues, business owners should want and expect the best.

small business storageCustomer service

The service you receive is everything. After handling all the hustles at work and providing outstanding service for your clients you deserve the same when you visit your storage facility. That’s why it is imperative to deal with a team of professionals. An extraordinary self-storage space will have a smooth and efficient operation with an efficient staff that can facilitate ease of access to your valuable items at all times.

Self-storage can be the first step in taking your small business to the next level. Numerous small businesses are taking advantage of self-storage facilities to ensure low cost and ultimately secure a solution to all their storage needs. Self-storage saves space, money, and creates peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

About Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Amazing Spaces is Houston, Spring, and The Woodlands areas premier provider of self-storage and moving supplies.  Amazing Spaces aims to provide everyone with the most remarkable storage experience possible. The properties offer highly secured storage spaces, fully climatized units, and a customer service experience unlike any other.

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