Amazing Tips On How To Prepare Items for Storage

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If you’re looking to either renovate your house or move to a new home, you may need to relocate your belongings into storage for the time being. However, even though this can seem like tedious work, it’s important that you take care of your belongings. To store your stuff like an expert, read up on our amazing tips below on storing your furniture.

Look Over Your Storage Area

The first thing you should do is look over your storage area and see what repairs need to be done. It’s important that your storage area is clean, as well as leak and dust free to prevent any damage to your belongings. Not to mention, leaks can cause cracks in your storage space, which can ruin its integrity. Mold is a similar issue since it can cause your belongings to deteriorate.

store furniturePrepare Your Furniture For Storage

To prepare your furniture for the move, make sure everything is properly cleaned first to prevent any mold from appearing while everything is placed in storage. Wipe down each part of your furniture with an antibacterial spray that is suitable for the type of fabric or wood it is. However, also make sure that everything is completely dry after wiping it down before putting it in your storage area. Also, make sure that your furniture is safely padded to prevent any damage while moving it.

Prepare Metal and Silverware for Storage

Before heading down to your storage unit, make sure that your belongings that are made of metal are properly polished. Also, it’s worth noting that your metal furnishings should be placed in a non-climate controlled storage area to prevent any oxidation. You should also wrap your items in shrink wrap to protect it from any damages caused by heat or dust.

Use Plastic to Your Advantage

To help protect your floor as well as your furniture, make sure your floor is lined with plastic sheets. This can also help make it easier moving heavy furniture since you can slide it instead of lifting it.

Keep Your Electronics In Original Packaging

Wrap your electronics in their original packaging and cords in bubble cushion wrap to minimize damages to them in storage. However, you should also fill any empty spaces in the packaging with bubble cushion wrap to provide an even safer seal around your items in storage.

store furnitureLamp Protection

Make sure that you wrap your lamps in towels or bubble cushion wrap while keeping them in storage to prevent damage to them. You can wrap your lamp shades in plastic wrap to protect them from moisture as well.

Mirrors and Art Protection

Use corner protectors on your mirrors or artwork to protect them from being damaged in your storage unit. You should also make sure that they are kept upright and marked as fragile.

Bed Protection

Couches and mattresses should be kept sideways to increase the space in your storage unit and prevent you from over packing. However, bed protection can also usually be purchased at your storage facility but should be wrapped in bubble cushion wrap in the meantime to prevent damage while moving it.

Disassemble Your Furniture

This is one of the best ways you can save space in your storage unit. Most furniture can be taken apart and put back together when need be. This can also make moving pieces much easier and prevent them from getting broken during the move. Put any screws and other small pieces in a ziplock bag and tape it onto the furniture.

Use Protective Padding

For those important pieces and easily breakable ones, use extra care when preparing them for storage. Use padding and soft quilts to prevent them from becoming damaged. You should also be on the lookout for sharp edges on other furniture pieces. These corners can easily scratch and damage other objects. Put padding on those sharp corners as well.

store furnitureBe Realistic

When you’re choosing your storage unit, be realistic about how much space you will need for all of your belongings. If you squish too much stuff in the unit, you can damage your furniture pieces and other belongings.


Though boxes can be easy to pile and stack on top of each other, the same cannot be said for furniture. Stacking pieces of furniture can cause them to topple and break. You can, however, stack objects on top of flat surfaces like tables and dressers. Just make sure the height is not too much for your furniture to handle.

Mark Fragile Objects

Be sure you know exactly where each and every fragile object is in your storage unit. Consider marking any boxes that contain highly breakable objects with a large “F” or some other clear marker.

Organize Your Storage Unit

When moving into your unit, you should place larger and heavier objects toward the back. Small and fragile objects should be stored toward the front of your unit. Doing this can save you space and keep you organized.

Consider a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you have the option, you should look into using a storage unit that offers climate control. This is especially true if you plan on keeping your furniture in a storage unit for a long time. Heirlooms and antique furniture should probably not be stored in a non-climate controlled space. When facing extreme temperatures, the original paints and materials can get damaged or begin to breakdown.

Climate control is also important if you have any wooden pieces. Fluctuations in temperature cause wood to expand and contract, which can damage the furniture and affect the way it looks. Also, humidity causes mold to grow, which can then cause the wood to rot. For the ultimate protection for your furniture, choose climate control.

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