Preventing Pests in Storage Units

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Storage units are just like any other type of property, you need to maintain them as you would your home or business and take preventative measures to ensure that no insects or rodents make your storage unit their new home. Self-storage can be especially susceptible to pest infestations- unlike homes and businesses, storage units can go long periods of time without any foot traffic allowing an infestation to grow without disturbance. This is why it is so important to select a self storage provider who goes the extra mile to make sure your items are stored without the extra critters.  As many of you know, Houston is a breeding ground for insects; if your self storage provider does not take the proper precautions, then you could be storing more than just your Christmas items. 

Amazing Spaces takes every precaution necessary to ensure our units and the items inside are protected. Because of these efforts, it is highly unusual for any of our climate controlled units to see any bugs.  If an insect comes close to our outdoor units, it will likely not be alive for long.

Here are a few of the efforts we take to make sure your unit stays clean:

  • Shrubbery, bushes and other landscaping are kept trimmed and away from storage units.
  • Areas of moisture in and around units, are minimized as moisture attracts pests.
  • Garbage is stored in sealed containers away from units and disposed of regularly.
  • Partnered with a licensed pest professional who has experience in commercial facilities to routinely inspect and treat the property. Routine inspection of our units help ensure pest problems are caught before they become major issues.

Pests are experts at stowing away in items and infesting new locations. The fact that storage facilities house a lot of stuff and new items are always being brought in makes them particularly susceptible. A few pests that find their way into a stored box can quickly reproduce and lead to a major problem in a short time.  One of the main reasons self-storage units are at risk for pest infestation is because operators usually have little control over what’s brought into the units. This is where you can come in to help minimize the threat of any kind of pest.  Be aware of items that are attractive to pests, such as food, live plants and even bags or boxes of paper goods.

Pest-Proofing Tips for Customers

  • Store items in plastic, sealed containers rather than cardboard boxes to prevent pests like rodents from nesting inside.
  • Clean all items you plan on storing prior to packing. Remove any residue from clothing and furniture, and do not leave crumbs or food remnants inside kitchen appliances.
  • Wash items like clothing and linens before storing to eliminate pests or pest eggs.
  • Do note store perishable food items or live plants inside storage units, as these items attract pests.
  • Before placing items into your unit, thoroughly inspect them to ensure pests are not hiding in any boxes or items.
  • Store boxes on a raised pallet to prevent smaller pests from finding refuge underneath.
  • Regularly clean of your storage and check for signs of pests.
  • If you notice signs of an infestation, contact the facility manager immediately and work with them to eliminate the invasion promptly.

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