Safety in your storage space – how to pack and stack to maximize safety

Safety First Storage FB | Safety in your storage space - how to pack and stack to maximize safety | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

When you’re packing or rearranging your storage unit, it’s important to ensure you’re safe and secure. If items are stacked incorrectly, it increases the risk of items falling and causing both minor and serious injuries. That’s why we have compiled some helpful tips on packing and stacking to maximize safety!

The Art of Stacking: Preventing Collapsing Loads

When materials are stacked too high or in an unstable arrangement, removing an item from the stack or bumping the stack can cause the rest of the materials to fall down, so it’s important to use proper steps when stacking. Here’s some basic things to remember:

  • Stack heavy materials close to the ground, lighter up top.
  • Always remove items from the top of the stack first. For example, don’t try to slide a storage bin on the bottom of a stack, out, without removing the other bins on top first.
  • Use safe, stackable materials, like our amazing file boxes, which have sturdy lids!
  • When dealing with irregularly shaped items, try adding sheets of plywood between each layer for added stability.
  • Utilize different types of stacking methods. For example, brick stacking – To ensure even more security, turn each level of a stack 90 degrees. This helps hold the items in place should the stack be bumped.
  • To prevent tripping, be sure there are not uneven stacks where certain items are sticking out past the others.
  • Use floor marketing tape to show where you want to stack items to stay organized!

It’s also important to remember not to store any hazardous or flammable items in your storage unit. Those items should be properly disposed of. You can read exactly what you should do with hazardous materials HERE. We hope these tips help you ensure a safe, secure and amazing storage space!

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