Moving Into A Senior Living Community – How Storage Can Help


When you’re moving into a senior citizen community, you might not have a lot of space available for your possessions. However, you can rent a secure storage unit. Our team of employees understands that moving is often stressful, and in some cases, sometimes you have to move quickly, making the process more difficult than it should be. Fortunately, we understand the moving process, and we have several tips for making the experience easier if you must downsize from a home or apartment to a senior citizen community.

Senior LivingGet Organized As Soon As Possible

Don’t wait until moving day to get organized for a move to a smaller home. There’s a good chance that you have things that you don’t want to move or store. If you prefer not to climb on ladders or step stools to retrieve items from kitchen cupboards or closet shelves, then get a friend or relative to help you. Have trash bags available to throw away the things that are damaged, and have cardboard boxes ready for things that you want to donate to charitable organizations. You may also have things that you want to give to your children or other relatives, and you can place those items in plastic totes.

Pack Breakables Carefully

If you have delicate breakable items such as figurines or dishware, then pack the items carefully by using cushioning wrap and cardboard partitions. By separating breakable items with partitions, fragile items will not bump against each other. After packing these breakable items, always label the containers so that movers will understand how to stack the boxes in the moving truck and storage facility. Avoid stacking the boxes that contain breakable items too high so that if a box falls down, then nothing inside will break.

Use Different Colors Of Containers

Use a certain color container to clearly mark what you want to move to your senior living apartment. Alternatively, make sure that you use a different color for what you want to keep in storage so that movers can drop these containers off at a self-storage facility. By using this system for moving, it is easier to remain organized so that you will have a faster moving process.

Pack Clothing In Suitcases and Wardrobe Closets

It is easy to pack your clothing for a move into a senior citizen living environment by using suitcases that have wheels. Roll or fold clothing carefully to place upright in suitcases. If you need to store extra clothing, then buy inexpensive wardrobe closets that the movers can place on a moving van. When you’re placing garments into closets for moving, make sure to protect the items with plastic covers to help prevent any damage.

Senior LivingOrder Moving Supplies Online 

You don’t need to spend several hours driving from store to store looking for moving supplies. We have an online store where you can find and order all the boxes, tape or cushioning materials required for moving your possessions to a senior living community and to one of our nearby storage units. You can have these items delivered directly to your current home or to your senior living community. We can also place these items in your storage unit so that you can pack your possessions on-site.

Find a High-Quality Storage Facility

When you need a storage facility, choose a place that cares about its customers. Amazing Spaces Storage Centers wants to provide the best services by having top-of-the-line security features such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems and metal fencing with gates. To make it easier to deliver and pick up your possessions, make sure that a storage facility is open seven days a week with extended hours in the early morning and evening.

Determine the Size Of Storage Unit Required

Before renting a storage unit for your possessions, determine the best size for your needs. It’s possible to maximize the space in a storage unit by using metal shelving units along the walls and by making pathways between wardrobe boxes. You don’t want to have a storage unit that is too full because it is difficult to retrieve items, but you also don’t want to have a larger storage unit that is too expensive for your budget. You can always use our storage size calculator to help find the best size. 

Paying For a Storage Unit Online

You can make life a little simpler by renting a storage unit from a company that offers online billing services. With this type of billing, you can receive a notification when a payment is due, or you can have automatic billing services from a credit card or checking account. You won’t need to worry about bringing a payment to a storage facility in person when you are too busy enjoying your new senior living environment.

Rent a Moving Truck

You don’t need to shop around for a moving truck or movers because we can help you find the best services. Not only can the movers lift heavy furniture and boxes onto the moving van, but also, they can help you pack your possessions safely for storage. In addition, the movers can stop off at your senior living apartment to place boxes of dishes and clothing in each room.

Contact Us Today For Assistance

We make moving easy by helping you organize, pack and move. After you have moved, you can manage your storage unit from your new home, and we can help you choose insurance to provide additional protection for your possessions.

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