What Size Storage Does a Princess Need?

One of our Amazing customers told us that Amazing Spaces is the “Princess of Storage“.  What a sweet and very true statement, as our storage options truly are fit for a royal…


Like so many of you, the different Disney Princesses have varying storage needs.  Let’s take a look at the sizes some of our favorite Disney Princesses use and why!

 Cinderella – 5 x 5 Locker Unit:

Cinderella_5x5_Storage_LockerAlthough she has lots of space in her castle, there’s one item that she wants to make sure stays secure.  I mean, come on.. would you trust those two sisters of hers?

Jasmine – 7.5 x 10 Unit:


Jasmine may not have a lot of stuff, but the men in her life sure do.  Between her dads toys and Aladdin (possibly Abu)’s collectibles, the girl needed some space.

Aurora – 10 x 15 Unit:


Prince Philip and Princess Aurora have kept quite a few of the spindles that brought them together.  They think the wood can be used for some sort of DIY project.. just be careful of the needles – we all know what happened last time!

Elsa – 10 x 20 Unit:


Elsa keeps some of her favorite items here… climate controlled, of course..even Elsa’s enchanted items need to be protected from the Houston heat!

Ariel – 10 x 30 Unit and Boat Storage:


Prince Eric and Ariel have two units.  One for their boat and another.. well.. let’s face it.. Ariel has got quite the collection of knick knacks.  You never know when you’re going to need a fork for your hair. And who could ever part with that handsome statue of Eric?

 Curious what size storage you may need?

Try taking our storage size quiz here.  We know you’ll be able to find the perfect size unit at Amazing Spaces: storage fit for a princess!


Post By Kelsey

Kelsey is the Director of Marketing for Amazing Spaces. She’s been an A-Team member since August 2014.  Her favorite Disney Princess is Jasmine.  She’s got the best jewelry of them all! 

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