Sensational Yet Simple Tips on Storing Summer Clothing

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Attention all Houstonians: Fall is finally here and it’s time to finally start storing summer clothing items.  Our office is buzzing with excitement over the fact that we will probably not see 90-degree weather for the rest of the year.  The time for sweaters and cozy outfits is right around the corner and we can hardly contain ourselves. Yes, we know, it’s still going to be in the 80s for the next few weeks, but this is still what we call progress!

Now is the time to start putting away all your summer clothing in exchange for your winter wardrobe. Any size wardrobe can benefit from this transition.  This process gives you time to reflect on what you wore, what you should keep, and what needs to be replaced.  A closet free of clutter leads to better and faster fashion decisions.

When storing any type of clothing item, it’s important to do it right.  Improper storage can lead to moth-eaten clothing and permanent stains. Taking the proper steps in storing summer clothing items helps keep your items pristine and pays for itself.

Step One: Inspect and tidy

Storing Summer ClothingThis is a vital step to storing your summer clothing items.  Is there anything worse than uncovering a stinky, stained wardrobe? Moreover, if you leave stains over the winter months, they will likely be set and beyond the point of removal. I mean, if your secret end goal is to re-buy an entire wardrobe, then this may be the way to go, but for most of us, that’s out of the question.  That’s why this step is so essential. Take the time to inspect each piece of clothing before you store it. Is it clean? Does it have any stains? Make sure you store freshly laundered, stain-free items. This goes for shoes, as well. Wipe down your shoes with an alcohol pad to eliminate any stinky smells.

Step Two: Clear and categorize

Storing Summer ClothingBe honest with yourself: did you actually wear that dress this summer? Or did it just take up space?  These are important questions to ask when planning for storing summer clothing. Clear out clothing items that you don’t wear anymore and toss those that have irreparable stains.  Be vicious in your efforts. Donate items you didn’t wear.  Maybe those shoes are better off on someone else’s feet. It’s possible that the dress you bought online (final sale, mind you) which ended up being too big is perfect for someone else.  If there’s a worn-out clothing item that you adore but isn’t worth keeping, take a picture of it and replace it with something new next year!  Think of how amazing it will be to start next Spring neatly off with all your fashion favorites. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to build upon a wardrobe that works.

Once you clear out the items you don’t want any more, categorize the other clothing items by their type. Certain pants need to be separated to be stored on a hanger and other pants can be folded. Shoes should also be kept separate from other clothing items.

Step Three: Use the right containers to store summer clothing

Storing Summer ClothingIt’s important to use the right containers to store your summer clothing items.  For items that are typically hung in your closet, we recommend using a professional-grade wardrobe box. The wardrobe box is the most convenient way to store your summer wardrobe. Simply keep the items on the hanger and transport them into the box. The box keeps the sunlight out and offers an optimal environment to store items like summer dresses, summer suits, and premium clothing items.  This is also common sense but should be noted: make sure the items you store inside wardrobe boxes have breathing room.  In other words, don’t stuff your entire wardrobe into one box. Use your best judgment when packing these items away because you don’t want to cause your items to be stretched around one another.  For pants and shirts that can be folded, consider putting them in a plastic storage container.  Plastic containers are a fantastic choice for storing clothing items that don’t need to be hung on a hanger.  They help keep moisture out and create a sterile environment for your clothing items.  If you plan to store the items in your home, consider using an opaque container. This will help minimize sunlight damage that can impact your clothing.

Feel free to get creative when storing summer clothing items.  You can even utilize items like suitcases to store away clothing items. However, remember, if you end up taking a trip before Spring, you may have to unpack and redo the entire process.

At the end of the day, it’s important to use the right container for each category of clothing. Keep shoes separate from other clothing items and hang up the right items.

Step Four: Place items into the container properly

Storing Summer ClothingIf you are storing items in a wardrobe box, make sure you use the right hangers. The wire hangers from the stores don’t offer enough support and can stain your clothes. Try using thicker hangers to help the clothes keep their shape.  Make sure you don’t stack shoes on top of each other or else they may lose their shape.  Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. You’ll take up less space and minimize wrinkles.  Also, please remove plastic dry cleaning bags – they can turn your clothes yellow!

Step Five: Location, Location, Location!

Storing Summer ClothingThe last step of storing summer clothing items is to select the best location to keep the boxes and containers.  You want to store your items in a cool, dry environment.  If you plan on putting the items into a storage unit, that means you want to put it in a climate controlled space.  That also means you want to avoid storing items in the attic, garage, or basement.  These areas see volatile climates, which can be very hard on your clothes.  You also want to avoid direct sunlight on your clothing items to prevent fading.  Finally, you want to make sure your clothes are stored in an environment that benefits from pest control. The last thing you want to expose your wardrobe to is unwanted pests.  Proper packing of your clothes can help prevent this, but to be absolutely certain, store your clothes in an area that has been sprayed.  Most high-quality storage companies spray their buildings bi-monthly, but be sure to ask them if they do.

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