What NOT to Put in Storage

Storage “No-No” items!

It may seem strange that a storage company is posting an article about what not to store, but we want you to have the best possible storage experience. After all, the reason why Amazing Spaces goes to great lengths to keep our customers happy is because we know how important your possessions are to you. It would upset us as much as it would you if anything happened to them. And even though we offer air-conditioned, climate-controlled and super safe storage options, there are some things that, for safety’s sake, you should just never store.

toxic-wasteCombustible, Flammable, Hazardous or Toxic Materials

These include gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp and motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizer, paint, cleaners, chemicals, narcotics, or hazardous, toxic or biological waste. Asbestos or products containing asbestos are not allowed and are bad news. You also cannot store fireworks, explosives, weapons or ammunition. They’re much better off stored in a locked case in your home.


More Than Four Tires

As long as vehicles are registered, insured and operational, we’re happy to store your vehicle in the appropriately sized space. But because it costs so much to dispose of tires, you shouldn’t store more than four of them at a time, just in case.


Radioactive Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical sales representatives sometimes use storage units to keep their medical supplies and pharmaceutical samples organized without having to clutter up their house or vehicle, and that’s perfectly fine! But radioactive equipment or anything that contains radioactive materials cannot legally be stored.


Perishable Food and Animal Products

If you need somewhere to keep your rapidly increasing emergency stash of canned foods, self-storage is a great option. But anything that spoils, like cereals, produce and meats, cannot be stored for obvious reasons (critters, pests and bad odors).


The More Obvious Items

Animals—dead or alive—cannot be stored. So please build Scruffy a dog house and give Hank the Hamster a proper burial in your yard. You also can’t use storage facilities to hide stolen items (not that you would ever have stolen items). And, even though you may have thought about turning a storage unit into a man cave, you’re not allowed to plug in refrigerators, freezers, generators, TVs or the like, and you also can’t move in.


If you have any question about which items you can and cannot store, please contact your local Amazing Spaces property. We’re always happy to help!

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