How to Amaze-ify Your Christmas Deliveries

Many things will be different this holiday season, but let’s keep a favorite holiday tradition just as special as every other year, opening presents! When you aren’t able to see friends and family in-person this holiday, make their gifts extra special by decorating and wrapping the packages to be shipped. No matter what kind of presents you’re planning on sending this year, here are the best tips and ideas to ensure your items are shipped safely and that they spread holly-jolly joy!  


Incorporating Decorative Elements

Step 1: First, be sure to leave an element of surprise for your gift recipients by wrapping their objects with decorative wrapping paper. Rather than just placing the items in a box, take the extra time to wrap them up so that they get the full experience of unwrapping their present! For heavier gifts, use heavy-duty wrapping paper or thick tissue paper. Hallmark gift wrap typically consists of a heavier and more durable paper!  If the gift is cylindrical, place the object in the corner of the wrapping paper and roll it diagonally across, to create an even and secure wrap. Wrapping tip: Conceal your wrapping tape by using  double-sided tape to secure the wrapping in place on the inside instead of it being visible on the outside!


Step 2: Incorporate some additional decorations to the wrapping like ribbons, bows and twine. Not only do these add to the festive nature, but, they also better secure the wrapping on the gifts.  Name tags serve a dual purpose as a festive label but also allow you to ship multiple gifts for a family in one box, saving you on shipping costs! If you or your littler helpers want to get super creative this year, break out the paint, pom poms, and fabric gift wrap for an added element of fun! Check out THESE DIY name tags that you can personalize and decorate! Stickers with monogram letters or small Christmas ornaments create an added surprise!


Step 3: Once you’ve wrapped the gifts that fit inside your package of choice, fill the empty space with festive and color-coordinated tissue paper. By placing the tissue paper in between multiple gifts inside the box, this will help avoid any shifting and damage during shipping. If the box opens in a way for the gifts to be presented appropriately, rearrange the gifts to look presentable and picture-perfect! Be sure to ask an A-team member for box options when shipping, we are sure to have some solutions that fit your needs! If you need to properly secure larger items that may be fragile, be sure to use bubble cushion wrap or packing peanuts.


While this blog focuses more on creating a festive and exciting gift opening experience for those who you’re mailing to this season, we have a blog dedicated to ensuring your items arrive safely, check out our blog, Amazing Ways to Safely Ship Gifts for all the details. Happy gift wrapping and be sure to check out the complimentary gift wrapping stations at all of our properties this holiday season!

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