Amazing Leap Day 2016!

First, here’s a little history: The ancient Roman calendar system was based on a total of 355 days in a year—a full 10 ¼ days shorter than a solar year, which is the length of time it takes the Earth to make one complete orbit around the sun. To keep the calendar system in line with the seasons, Roman officials were supposed to insert an extra month every so often, but by the time Caesar began to rule Rome, the calendar had gotten seriously out of whack. Caesar consulted with the top astronomers, and in 46 B.C. decided to add one day (known as an intercalary day, or leap day) every four years to make up the discrepancy between the lunar and solar calendars.

Leap Day only occurs once every four years. It’s an extra day that you can use however you’d like. We suggest making the day count by doing something somewhat productive. Perhaps something you wouldn’t normally consider doing. Perhaps… organizing your storage unit!?

Because your storage unit isn’t something that you see all the time, you don’t normally think about organizing it until you go to pull something out and realize that you have to climb over the entire contents of the unit to reach the item in the very back. Below are a few tips on how to better organize your unit for you go-getter types. You go, go-getter.

  1. Label each box on all sides- You most likely did this already when packing up your boxes for storage. If not, labeling on all sides will save you a lot of time in future searches to have the contents labeled and easy to find.
  2. Be smart about the placement of furniture and boxes- For easy navigation of your unit, it helps to put larger furniture (such as a dresser or a mattress) along the wall and stack boxes with a clear path for walking. Place boxes that you will need to access more frequently near the front.
  3. Get creative- Use dresser drawers to hold fragile items and store bedding inside of a washer or dryer. Utilize any extra compartments to store items for more space inside your unit.
  4. While you’re organizing, make a list of everything inside your unit. This will be a good reference sheet that you can keep on file at home in case you need to find an item and can’t remember if you placed it in your unit or not.
  5. Review your lease to make sure that you’re not storing prohibited items.

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