Amazing Outdoor Summer House Parties

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The pandemic has certainly presented its fair share of obstacles, and one of those being the ability to see loved ones. Additionally, so many people have used this time over the past few months to update their homes and especially outdoor spaces—and now these spaces can be put to good use by creating room for a small gathering. We’ve put together some AMAZING (outdoor) summer house party ideas that will help you enjoy your outdoor space while also staying safe and healthy!

  • Sanitation—Keeping the space sanitized and providing the tools to help your guests sanitize as they visit, is essential! Providing simple items for your guests such as personal hand sanitizer and face masks can make all the difference! Prepare a basket filled with personal-sized hand sanitizers and disposable masks and place it by the entrance to your back yard or outdoor space.
  • Food distribution—Another cautionary step to avoid the spread of unwanted germs is to be conscious of how you’re distributing food and drinks. Depending on the type of house party you’re hosting, drinks could easily get mixed up and shared. One way to combat this problem is by having labels and markers for guests to write their names on the cups, that way no one will question whose cup is whose! Another idea is to avoid finger foods and replace them with individual packaged items such as bags of chips or other snacks. There are lots of great ways to display individual snacks(and drinks)…check out this recent blog from Barbara Majeski with some adorable ideas for a socially distant house party!
  • Mark the space—If you have a large enough space in your yard, re-arrange your furniture in a way that provides the proper distance apart from one another while still being able to communicate with each other easily! If you’re using large picnic tables or a dining room table, measure out the six-foot distance between each seat and have a place-marker there so that guests can easily see where they’re able to sit safely away from one another. Get creative with marking the space, you can use things like spray paint and stencils on the grass, or adhesive stickers like these, on your hardscapes.
  • Activities—Now, ontohe fun stuff…games! While a lot of games are off limits, there are still plenty of other options that provide you the opportunity to social distance with your competitors! Some great examples are: cornhole, lawn darts, badminton, volleyball, Kan Jam, baseball and backyard bowling. Remember to have hand sanitizer readily available so that guests can wash up after participating!

We hope this helped give you some ideas so that you can continue to connect with loved ones, but also keep your home and your loved ones safe! What are some helpful tips you’ve been implementing? Please comment below, we’d love to hear!  Have a safe and amazing rest of the summer!

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