Camping Gear 101: What Are The Best Options For Storage?


Spending time camping outdoors is a nice time to commune with nature and to get back to the basics of life, but you need to take a significant amount of gear with you on a camping trip in order to stay safe and feel comfortable while out in the elements. Regardless of whether you like backpack camping, campsite camping out of the car or camping with a travel trailer or RV, you need to carefully pack and take everything from a tent and sleeping bag to food, cooking items, toiletries, survival items and more. You may have a limited amount of space to store all of your gear at home, and you may be looking for creative solutions to address your storage needs.

Think About Storage When Buying Your RV

If you have not yet purchased your RV or travel trailer, you have an opportunity to purchase a moving shelter that is loaded with storage space. Some RVs and fifth-wheels have numerous cubbies and cabinets that you can store gear in. Some even have pull-out features that make it easier for you to access the items stored deep underneath your RV or trailer. When your mobile shelter has the storage space you need, you will not have to worry about trying to find a space for all of your gear each time you get back home from a trip.

Purchase a Storage Shed for Your Yard

If you enjoy tent camping or if you have an RV that does not have adequate storage space in it, you may be looking for a great place to store your gear on your own property. Investing in a storage shed for your backyard can be an excellent idea. These units may have a rather steep up-front price, but they can an affordable option in the long-run. In addition, they give you the benefit of having your camping gear immediately accessible to you at your own home. These sheds are available in all sizes, so it can be helpful to measure the dimensions of all of your gear before you make a purchase or spend your valuable time building it.

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Rent a Self-Storage Space

Some people do not have space in their yard for a storage shed or space in their garage, attic or basement for all of their camping gear. If you fall into this category, renting a self-storage unit might be the best solution. These range in size from a small closet-sized unit to units large enough to store your RV. This is a great way to minimize the risk of theft or weather-related damage to your investment.

Use Large, Portable Storage Bins

Regardless of where you choose to store your items, you must find a convenient and protective way to organize, store and tote your items around. Many camping items are smaller in sizes, such as canteens, lighters, flashlights, lanterns, mosquito nets and more. You can purchase large, durable storage bins to tote these items around in. This can make it easier for you to pack for your camping trips as well because you can simply toss the bins in your car or RV when you’re ready to head out. While you could purchase cheap bins to save money, durable bins with wheels and secure lids are often more functional for camping outdoors and can provide better protection for your gear over the years.

Consider Heavy-Duty Canvas Storage Bags

Another idea is to use heavy-duty canvas storage bags to store your smaller items. These bags can range from tote-sized to large enough to hold your tent. These bags typically prevent mold and insect infestation or damage. They also are more durable than using paper bags and boxes, which many campers commonly use. Many canvas storage bags have multiple compartments that you can use to stay organized. When you’re finished with your camping trip, you simply toss the bag into your RV, travel trailer or storage space, and you’re done. You may find that a combination of bags and bins is a great option for all of your various camping items.

Regardless of the type of camping that you enjoy doing, camping can be relaxing, exciting and completely amazing in many ways. However, gear is a necessity when outdoors. Both packing up gear and unpacking when you return from a trip can become time-consuming. You can easily improve this experience while also protecting your camping gear from damage when you follow some of these helpful storage tips. In addition, always ensure that your items are completely clean and dry before you store them away. This will ensure that they are in great condition when you pull them out again for your next camping trip.

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