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Many of us are sheltering in place as we continue to brave this worldwide pandemic. Spending more time at home forces us to take a look around at the home projects that we’ve been putting off for years (we’re guilty as charged!) Hence, the inspiration for this blog post—we wanted to put together a list of practical home projects that won’t break the bank. Not only will you be checking things off the to- do list but you’ll also be supporting your own mental health with a new project that may teach you a new skill or encourage movement and activity—it’s a win, win!

Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door—Your front door sets the tone for your home so make it inviting and a color that best represents you! Freshen up with a new coat of the existing color or choose an entirely new color—it could just change the entire look of your house! The best part…you really just need a gallon of paint. Want to add a little something more? Door decals are becoming ever so popular! One more thing: Add new custom pottery house numbers like THESE too!

Turn upper kitchen cabinets into open shelving—This is something that may not cost you a dime, as long as the inside of your cabinets are in decent shape! Simply remove the cabinet door(s) on the top cabinets in the kitchen and organize your items so that they are neat and decorative. By adding some open shelving you’re creating the illusion that your space is open and airy rather than closed off and cluttered.

Swap out old hardware, for new—A simple change of hardware on your powder room vanity or your bedroom furniture could make all the difference! One of our favorite sites for hardware of all styles is: Top Knobs.com.

Install dimmer switches—Set the mood with new dimmer switches. Not only will it allow you light control but it will also make your home more energy efficient! Order an option that best matches your style and color scheme at: ProLighting.com

Get crafty—With chalkboard paint! Whether you’re painting accent furniture, small trinkets or even labeling meaningful wine bottles—chalkboard paint comes in handy and is easy to use on a variety of projects!

Build a raised garden bed—The perfect option for growing your own veggies and flowers within a specified space and optimal growing conditions! Step 1: Plan out your project. How large do you want it to be and where will you put it? Here are some great ways to design your veggie garden! Step 2: Purchase your lumber and start assembling! Step 3: Add soil and plants Step 4: Setup watering features. Our friends at Lowe’s take you through the entire process, step by step on their website, HERE. This is something you’ll enjoy for years to come and can truly reap the rewards of your labor!

We’d love to hear from you! What’s YOUR favorite home DIY project that you’ve been working on? Comment below and share!

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