How Storage Can Be Helpful When Dealing With Divorce


When you’re going through a divorce, everything is often up in the air as to who will get what valuable possessions. In the meantime, one of you will be moving to a new location, so it is imperative that some decisions are made. Having an off-site place to store all of your belongings can:

Buy Time

You may not yet know where you’re going to live, but may need to put your share of the household belongings in a safe, secure location. A storage unit can provide just that. It’s easy to enter and exit, and you can drop off and pick up items as needed. The size of the unit will depend on just how many belongings you have and how much you want to spread them out.

Early Closure Labor Day | How Storage Can Be Helpful When Dealing With Divorce | Amazing Spaces Storage CentersProvide an Objective Location

Decisions may not have been made yet about specific pieces of your household. These may include furniture, lawn and yard equipment, books, kitchenware, and even decorative paintings and accessories. Placing these items in a storage unit will provide a very objective method of saving these until it can be determined who the owner of the various items is going to be. Be sure to make up an inventory list of all the articles that are in a particular storage unit for an easy division in the days and weeks to come.

Store Treasured Items

You may be temporarily moving to smaller quarters and may not have room for all of your belongings. You may have a roommate or relative who is providing half of the furniture at the new home where you are going to be living. Or you may be moving to another city and are not able to take everything with you right away. You may have purchased items after your divorce and may not want them mixed in with pre-divorce belongings. Locking them up in storage will give you peace of mind until you’re able to retrieve and decide what to do with them at a later date.

Going through a divorce can be a trying time in your life, but there is no reason that storing your worldly belongings has to be an overwhelming task. Being able to keep personal items in a locked and temperature-controlled unit can make this difficult transition in your life so much simpler and easier, giving you time to focus on yourself and what your immediate and long-term future holds.

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