Houston Moving Guide: 15 Insights on Houston and Texas from a Northerner

If you’ve read my other posts, you’re probably well aware that I’ve done my fair share of out of state moving.  However, our move to Houston marks the first time I’ve ever lived in the South.  Born and raised in the Midwest (GO BEARS), I’ve always thought that I’d have a pretty strong handle on maneuvering the South and its cheeky delights.



  1. Drink Iced Tea

Preferably sweetened, but if you’re on a diet, go for the unsweetened.


  1. Embrace the “Y’all”

Ditch the “you all” or “you guys” for the much more Southern friendly “y’all”.  It may be challenging at first.  I was known to say “y-aw-l-ou all” for a while.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun to say and type.


  1. It isn’t Pop, it’s Coke

Yes, the rumors are true.  Don’t order a pop, instead order a Pepsi-Coke, Sprite-Coke, or just your classic Regular-Coke.


  1. Nobody really wears cowboy hats or spurs stuff…except during the magnificence that is the HOUSTON RODEO

I swear, the ladies here are SO stylish (if you haven’t heard of Kendra Scott jewelry, look it up now.  It’s really big in Houston, especially Katy).  Come rodeo time, EVERYONE is in their Texas best!  Make sure to spend time at the rodeo in March!


  1. On the other hand…Get cowboy boots…NOW

You’re in Texas… do as the Texans should or at least as they do during the rodeo season. You need a regular, “every day” pair and a “show off” pair.  Look for brands like Lucchese, Tony Lama, Corral, Laredo, and Dan Post.


  1. Be prepared to meet some of the friendliest, most talkative and engaging people you’ve ever encountered!

They even wave when driving! Just be careful during rush hour though…


  1. BEER

In Houston, there are breweries galore.  They are fun and cheap. Enjoy, but please be safe, have a DD, and drink responsibly.


  1. There’s some sort of rivalry going on between Houston and Dallas… I’m still trying to figure that out… but I do know that everyone loves Austin because it’s so weird…


  1. BUGS are everywhere

Yep, I saw my first cockroach EVER here in Houston.  It’s just so warm and moist.. prime bug climate.  And let me be the first one to warn you of this terror:  Tree Roaches.  They exist.  They’re huge. They fly. And they’re terrifying.  I tried to find a picture, but I couldn’t stand looking at them to find a good one. *shivers*


  1. Rain makes people drive like crazy (true in Seattle, too).

Don’t even get me started on what snow does to this area. Total. City. Shutdown. Just be careful and safe!


  1. Football is the best sport in the world.

And tailgating is a must.


  1. The layout of Houston is CONFUSING. Learn the best areas in a future blog post


  1. There are no basements in Texas…hence the necessity of self-storage!

Yep, it’s true! I couldn’t believe this one either.  This is why my husband and I needed to rent an RV unit at the Amazing Spaces on Louetta Road! We went from a basement to no basement!


  1. A vast majority of people are transplants in Houston

With so many jobs and opportunities here, people from all walks of the Earth call Houston their home!


  1. The Houston Food Scene is PHENOMENAL!

We’ll be posting about the best food scene in Houston! Check back soon!

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