Hurricane Survival Guide & Tips

Hurricanes…a topic that has impacted our community greatly, yet, made us stronger as a whole.

We’re here to give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know to be properly prepared when disaster strikes. Having a plan in place makes coping with the actual event and aftermath all that much easier.

According to the Ready.gov website,

“Hurricanes are massive storm systems that form over warm ocean waters and move toward land.

“The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The Pacific hurricane season runs May 15 to November 30.

Did you know? Hurricanes:

  • Can happen along any U.S. coast or in any territory in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.
  • Can affect areas more than 100 miles inland.
  • Are most active in September.”

Now, what can YOU do to prepare? Here’s our top tips:

Hurricane Tips 1 | Hurricane Survival Guide & Tips | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  •  Have a designated family disaster plan—Discuss as a family, where you will go when told to evacuate. Whether it be a friend’s home outside of the line of impact or an official approved, hurricane shelter, having an evacuation plan in place is key. Once you’ve selected your place to go, talk with children about the dangers associated with a hurricane and steps you can take to avoid danger. Role play what to do in each case.
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  • Sign up for your community’s warning system. This will allow you to follow warnings and evacuations from your phone rather than relying on the TV. As an extra precaution, download the Red Cross app on your smartphone so you have a mobile way to track the hurricane and let others know you’re safe or need help even if the power is out.  
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  • Have important paperwork readily accessible—The last thing you need to be doing is scrambling to find important paperwork to take with you in case of an emergency. Place important papers such as social security cards, insurance policies, wills, birth and marriage certificates, etc. in a sealed storage bag in an easily accessible place.
Hurricane Tips 4 | Hurricane Survival Guide & Tips | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  • Create an inventory for insurance purposes—Whether it be a written list, video tape or photos, take an inventory of your personal belongings and store in a waterproof/fireproof location like a safe.
Hurricane Tips 5 | Hurricane Survival Guide & Tips | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  • Get your house ready for your evacuation—
    1. Have emergency supplies handy, such as evacuation ladders, flashlights, boats, sand bags, flares, non-perishable food, etc
    2. Clear out your fridge and any perishable food and trash.
    3. Unplug electronics and move them off the floor.
    4. Turn off your electricity, water and gas.
    5. Board up windows and cover door with plywood or enforce hurricane shutters. 
Hurricane Tips 6 | Hurricane Survival Guide & Tips | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
  • Have a plan for your pets—Last, but not least, have a safety plan for your furry friends. If you’re evacuating to a hotel, make sure you can keep them there with you. Note: Only service animals are allowed in evacuation shelters. Mark your pet with clear identification in case of any disaster during relocation. Keep enough food and water on hand.

Wondering what to have on hand in preparation for a hurricane? Here’s a helpful guide to all of the emergency essentials. We hope these tips help you and your family prepare for the unexpected to ensure your safety and protection!

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