The Top 15 Organization Apps For Your Life


At Amazing Spaces, our priority is helping our customers. Whether we can help you face-to-face or through sharing helpful advice, we strive to help you keep your life more manageable and organized. The following apps are designed to do that as well. You’ll find everything from schedule management apps, to-do list tools, shopping organization, and much more! These apps have also been chosen for their compatibility features

#15 HomeZada

HomeZada is a unique and valuable finance tool for keeping your home maintenance organized and up to date. You can plan, organize and manage home improvement projects, home maintenance needs, keep your home inventory updated for your home insurance needs, and so much more.

Devices and Platforms: App Store, Google Play

Free and paid versions

#14 Timr

Timr is a nifty time-tracking app for businesses or projects. Now you can easily track work hours, project time, mileage, and create reports. It is available via mobile or desktop.

Devices and Platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry apps

Free and paid versions

organization apps#13 Noisli

How would you like an app that cuts out distracting sounds and fills your ears with what you want to hear to help you concentrate? Well, now you can. This app features soothing sounds that are designed to help you focus.

Devices and Platforms: Web, App Store, Google Play


#12 Coupon Sherpa

You can do away with coupon clipping with this fantastic app. Coupon Sherpa features hundreds of coupons from major stores, with the options to sort by location, favorites, category, or brand.

Devices and Platforms: Web, App Store, Google Play


#11 Habit Bull

Habit Bull is designed to help you kick bad habits and implement good habits. It’s packed full of features to help you stick with your goals and even includes communities with like-minded individuals!

Devices and Platforms: Android or iOS


organization apps#10 Remember The Milk

Conveniently keep all your to-do lists in one place, and get reminders. Remember The Milk is an awesome organizer and works on all devices and platforms. Create color-coded tasks and subtasks, and reorganize them as needed.

Devices and Platforms: Desktop, Web, iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Free and paid versions

#9 Cozi

This magnificent app is great for any individual or family. Cozi features include a family calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists, recipes, family journal, and a daily agenda.

Devices and Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop

Free and paid versions

#8 Trello

Trello allows you to effectively manage projects, collaborate, and easily organize boards with many flexible options.

Devices and Platforms: App Store, Google Play, Web

Free and paid versions


IFTTT is the app to help synchronize all the apps. This app is amazing and it is designed to make all of your apps work in sync to make your life easier.

Devices and Platforms: Web, App Store, Google Play


ipad map tablet internet 38271 | The Top 15 Organization Apps For Your Life | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers#6 Last Pass

Last Pass is an awesome way to keep track of your passwords for multiple accounts. You just need to know your master password and Last Pass keeps the rest of them ready when you need to access them.

Devices and Platforms: Google Play, App Store, Windows

Free and paid versions

#5 Todoist

Increase your productivity with this handy tool. It has a variety of functions packed into one platform. Take notes, make lists, create outlines, track your habits, and assign dates to keep track on your calendar. You can share and access them across multiple devices.

Devices and Platforms: Web, Google Play, App Store, Web

Free and paid versions

#4 Mint

Mint is a fabulous money management app that allows you to create budgets, track and pay bills, check your credits score, and much more. Mint is not your average money management tool! It is personalized and will provide you with customized suggestions for managing your budget, improving your credits score, and staying on top of bills.

Devices and Platforms: Google Play, App Store, and Web


#3 Wunderlist

This is such a neat app to have for so many reasons. Wunderlist is great to have for personal or professional reasons. It is a full-scale planner, allowing you to organize, schedule, and collaborate projects or your day-to-day tasks and events.

Devices and Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and the Web

Free and paid versions

#2 Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent alternative to storing and sharing files. It allows you to conveniently save, access, and share photos and other documents on one platform that is cloud-based. Use it on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Devices and Platforms: Google Play, App Store, Kindle Fire, iPad, Windows

Free and paid versionspexels photo 4 | The Top 15 Organization Apps For Your Life | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

#1 Evernote

Conveniently record, organize, share, and access your notes on any device whether you’re online or offline. Add links, tables, attachments and audio recordings to your notes.

Devices and Platforms: Desktop, Google Play, App Store

Free and paid versions

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