19 Amazing Tips For Storing Important & Valuable Wedding Items

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. However, what do you do once it’s over? In this quick and easy guide, we will take you through some wedding tips for storing your most important and valuable wedding items. After all, you don’t want your expensive wedding dress going to waste. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

The Dress

wedding dress preservation

 Dry Clean

One of the first steps in preserving your wedding dress is to get it dry-cleaned at least 48 hours from your wedding day. Especially, due to the amount of sweat, makeup, and stains that could end up appearing on it. While they may not all be damaging to your dress, it’s best to keep it clean to prevent stains of any kind. Having it dry-cleaned professionally will clean off any grime while ensuring it is ready to be stored away. However, make sure you put it in a garment bag before storing it so it won’t get ruined!


Avoid Plastic

Plastic is your enemy when storing your dress since it can increase the growth of mildew and mold by trapping moisture. Instead, place it in a specialized container for storing clothing.


Place It In Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Using acid-free tissue paper will help protect your wedding gown from direct sunlight or acid, which can be found in certain types of tissue paper, which can harm your dress. Additionally, when storing your wedding dress, make sure you don’t wrap it in colored tissue paper since it can stain your dress if it gets damp.


Fold Your Dress

Especially if it’s decorated in beads, you should first wrap your dress in acid-free tissue paper, and then fold it loosely to make sure your dress’s fabric doesn’t get stuck together while in storage.


Store In A Temperature-Controlled Unit

Having climate control is key to preserving your dress the best way possible. This prevents a swing of temperatures, causing humidity which can cause your wedding gown to age and fall apart. When storing your dress, you should also make sure that the unit you are using is mildew or mold-free, since that is another factor that can ruin your dress once it comes out of storage. Overall, you should opt for a climate controlled area to store your dress and other wedding valuables.

The Bouquet

wedding dress preservationPurchase or Make a Backup Throwing Bouquet

If you’re planning to do the traditional bouquet toss at your wedding, make sure that your florist makes a backup one for you to keep.

Freeze-Dry Your Personal Bouquet

Now that you have your own bouquet, make sure that you freeze-dry it so it stays in the perfect shape it was on your wedding day. You can then store it away in a shadow box, along with the rest of your wedding items.

The Cake and Topper


Let Your Caterers Know Prior to Your Big Day

Although it can be a challenge to save the top of your cake after your reception since it will be most likely tossed out, talk to your caterers and make sure they save it for you.

Save Your Topper

Cake toppers are one of the most important pieces of your wedding cake, don’t let it out of sight until you have it packed away, ready for your storage unit for further remembrance of your big day.

Gather Up Your Signs

wedding dress preservation

 Paper Goods

You have more than likely rented, bought, or made your wedding menus or programs that you have to either return or save. Assign a bridesmaid beforehand to gather these signs up to make sure no one throws them out or keeps them by mistake.

Frame Your Wedding Invitation

Make sure you collect one of your wedding invitations and frame it to preserve the memory of your big day. You can easily find frames at your local store, or hire someone to make a custom one.

Make A Wedding Scrapbook

Once your wedding photographer sends over your photos, print them out and put them in a wedding scrapbook. This way, you can have all your memories printed out to be viewed at any time. However, make sure you store it in a safe and secure place to avoid it being stolen or ruined.

Frame Wedding Photos

Once you get your wedding photos developed or printed out, put them in frames to place around your home or to give people that attended. This is a great way to preserve the memory of your big day.

Backup Photo or Video Files to the Cloud

After you or your hired photographer is done taking pictures of your wedding, make sure that you back them up to the cloud such as iCloud or Dropbox. This way, you’ll never lose them and have them in a digitized back pocket to view at any time.

Don’t Forget

wedding dress preservation

 Storing Fragile Items

It’s important to store glass and other fragile items correctly to prevent damage. First, stuff the glass with packing paper then wrap it with tissue paper. For added protection, wrap each fragile item with bubble cushion wrap too.

Get Organized

 After the wedding, it is likely that you will have a lot of new belongings to find space for. From decorations to gifts, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Before you do anything else, you should get every wedding object organized. Decide what you want to do with each and every new item.

Return, or Exchange Wedding Gifts

Let’s face it, not every gift you received will get used. Think about selling, returning, or exchanging unwanted gifts. You can do the same for any decorations, too.

Donate Things That You Do Not Need

To give back a little after your big day, consider donating unwanted and unneeded items to a local charitable organization. You can also give these things to another couple of future newlyweds. Consider donating:

— decorations

— paper goods

— duplicate gifts

Rent a Storage Unit

This is one of the best wedding tips for storage. It’s the perfect solution for storing the things you love but do not have space for in your home. Storage units also have noted advantages over home storage as well. When stored in a safe facility, you will never have to worry about weather or water damage.

When choosing a storage unit, try to pick one big enough to accommodate every extra wedding decoration, gifts, and anything else. You should also look for one that provides climate-controlled units so your items will not be damaged. You may also want to look at the security features the facility offers, especially if you are planning on storing high-value objects.

After your wedding day, the last thing you want to do is find a space for everything. Let us take away some of that stress. We can make your storage experience as simple as possible. Visit our home page or call us today!

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