An Amazing History of Wine


At Amazing Spaces, we love wine.  There is nothing like enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon at a party, business meeting, or just with your loved ones. Wine has that effect on people, it gathers everyone at any occasion. That’s why we decided to take a tiny, but Amazing peek at the Amazing History of Wine.  Join us as we toast a glass to our ancestors for being such creative geniuses!

This magnificent drink is one of the first creations in humanity and has placed an important role in numerous civilizations. The first winery was discovered in Areni-1 cave in Vayotz Dzor Armenia 4100 B. C. found inside this Amazing cave was a wine press, fermentation vats, jars, and cups. The seeds that were used to create wine were from Vitis Vinifera, a grape still used to make wine to this day. The wine found in Armenia is at least 6100 years old. Would you try it?

When the pharaohs rose to power in Egypt, they begin making a wine-like substance from red grapes. During this time, Egyptians has an encounter with Jews as well as the Phoenicians. It will be the Phoenicians who would cultivate the wine and begin to spread it around the world. Wine was usually stored in clay pots called amphorae. However even back then, glass was still used on occasion. People would pour their wine into hand-blown glass bottles for fancy events. See? Not so much has changed since then! In 1600, cork was used as a stopper for wine, associated cork with the increased use of glass bottles.

Much of modern wine culture derives from the practices of the ancient Greeks. The wine preceded both the Minoan and the Mycenaean cultures. Many of the grapes grown in modern Greece are grown there exclusively and are similar or identical to the varieties grown in ancient times.  However, it is important to note that the Roman Empire had an immense impact on the development of viticulture. Wine was an integral part of the Roman diet and wine making became a precise business. Virtually all the major wine-producing regions of western Europe today were established during the Roman Imperial Era. Nowadays, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the most influenced countries in wine production and distribution worldwide.

Amazing Spaces first began offering wine storage to our clients when our 2nd property was built in 2002. We flew in a team of experts to design our wine storage to ensure everyone’s wine collection would be stored in the perfect manner.  We believe in offering you the finest wine storage solution possible. Learn more about our wine storage by watching the Amazing video below. Remember, we accept deliveries on your behalf, so send us your wine of the month club and we’ll make sure it gets put directly into your secure, climate and humidity controlled space. Keep your wine Amazing!

An Amazing History of Wine

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