10 Amazing Wine Accessories Every Wine Connoisseur Needs!

Red? White? Pink? All of the above as long as the bottle is cute? Wine seems to have this aura about it that can make any evening (or morning…no judgement) feel elevated and classy. Wine has this way about it that makes you feel like you are large and in charge of your life. There is a way to amplify that feeling though. These wine accessories will have your glass looking cute, your wine well preserved, and you feeling like the bougiest person in the room (even if that’s your living room).

The #1 on Our Wine Accessories Must-Have List: The Coravin Pourer

The Coravin Pourer is the best wine accessory that every wine lover absolutely needs in their life. In particular, if you’re someone who enjoys having a single glass of wine instead of a whole bottle. This is ideal for you.

The Coravin Pourer is a wine preserver that is specifically designed for you to be able to pour yourself a glass and store your wine bottle away without thought of when you’ll open it again! How?

There is a needle that gets pushed into the cork upon opening, you then do not remove the needle from the cork. Instead, the needle stays in and acts as an Argon pump that pushing argon gas into the wine.

This preserves the wine and protects it from oxidation as it sits in your wine cellar or fridge. Oxidation is what makes your wine go flat or lose potency and taste, the Coravin Pourer helps prevent that!

Our 2nd Favorite Wine Accessory: The Vintorio Aerator

Since you’re likely not new to the world of wine, you know the importance of an aerator. It promotes the potency and flavor of wine as oxygen rapidly hits it. Oxygen is what “awakens” the wine. Without it, your wine will likely be less flavorful and not have the same kick you’re used to!

The Vinturi Aerator is a single-bottle aerator. It fixes straight to the bottle and airs-out the wine as you’re pouring it into your glass. It’s ideal for any wine connoisseur who wants to feel like they’re sipping on $75 wine at all times!

Up the Ante of Your Wine in the Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Every wine fanatic knows that a decanter can add class, style, and presentation to that bottle of wine sitting on the table. A decanter is essentially a separate holding unit for your wine. It adds breathing room and a unique pouring experience for you and your guests.

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is exceptionally unique because it is a hand-blown item! Every Decanter from them is slightly unique, but each one can hold a 750ml bottle of your favorite wine!

Keep Wine Cool in a Tumbler, or better yet, the Vinglace Wine Bottle Chiller

A wine chiller is perfect for anyone looking to keep their wine cool while outdoors in the warmer months. Purchasing a wine tumbler will help keep your wine cool and crisp all day long. Better yet, the Vinglace Wine Bottle Chiller will keep your wine at the perfect temperature to optimize flavor and depth. It has a sleek style and beautiful finish that looks elegant and gets the job done!

Be Counter-Classy with the West Elm Marble Wine Coaster

This is not your ordinary coaster. It’s not meant for the wine glass, but rather the wine bottle! Keeping your wine bottles out in the open makes them easy to access but also looks classy on a counter top. The West Elm Marble Wine Coaster adds to that elegance and elevates (literally) your wine presentation.

Transport Your Wine in Style with the Uashmama Wine Bag and Cooler

Transport your chilled wine from your fridge to event with the comfort of knowing it’s not going to reach room temp before you get there! The wine bag and cooler will keep your wine at the ideal temperature. It’s definitely a less discrete way to transport your wine form point A to point B, but that’s the fun of it!

Infuse Elegence with the Grassl Mineralite Wine Glass

If you like the traditional yet elegant wine-glass shape, you’ll love the Grassl Mineralite Wine Glass. Although it is designed for white wines, red and pink lovers need not worry as you can use it for that as well! The glass is designed with a long stem to keep your wine chilled and is made of a single crystal. This adds a seamless look that will impress any dinner guest!

Swirl and Taste with the Ravenscroft Amplified Vintner’s Tasting Glasses

These glasses come in a set of 4 and are not meant for use as a traditional wine glass at dinner with friends They are a tasting glass, meant to hold around 2 ounces of wine. You will swirl the wine in the glass to allow it to aerate and circle the metal fixture inside. The fixture inside acts as a spacer meant to help with aeration. It’s great for wine tastings in the home but is not meant for everyday use.

No More Cork with the Monopol Westmark Steel Two Prong Wine Opener

A wine opener should do more than just open your wine bottle! They should make it easy to do so while keeping the cork intact for resealing. The Monopol Westmark Steel Two Prong Wine Opener makes opening your new bottle simple and effective.

The two prongs add extra support and stability, ensuring your cork stays in prime condition so you can seal your bottle of wine (in case you don’t finish it in one night!)

Enjoy the Perfect Temperature with the Hisesense Wine Fridge

Every wine lover needs a wine fridge. Wine fridges make it easy for you to store all of your wine in one place and keep them at the optimal temperature. They help preserve freshness and quality of the wine.

The Hisense Wine Fridge is compact enough to fit in nearly any kitchen. It’s a 54-bottle fridge that ensures your wine stays at its best quality, giving you the freedom to try as many bottes as you want! Although, if you do run out of space, we know a great place to store all those extra wine bottles.

What are your favorite wine accessories?

There are numerous wine accessories on the market today, but these are known for being the top accessories at the time this article was written – March 2022! You want wine additions that will preserve your wine, add to the flavor, and insure quality. These wine accessories are guaranteed to do the trick!

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