8 Wine Serving Tips to Step Up Your Wine Game

Having the perfect bottle of wine can seem somewhat difficult in this Houston weather.  Some days it’s too cold to safely store wine (let’s talk about last Thursday/Friday) and some days it’s too hot to properly store line (hello, this past week in the 70s).   Temperatures are just one of the factors; as you’ll see, humidity and even the light level all impact how your wine is stored.  We’ve broken down the proper way to keep your wine prime this holiday season into 8 basic steps.  After reading this blog, you’ll be able to serve your guest an amazing glass of wine throughout the entire holiday season and throughout the year.

Your 8 Wine Storage & Serving Tips:

1. Keep it Dark

Not everyone is aware but one of the most important factors of storing wine is to make sure it’s kept in the dark. This includes sunlight, and even fluorescent fixtures.  UV rays can cause wine to be “light struck” giving them an unpleasant smell, and enough UV rays can penetrate and ruin the wine.  Always keep your wine in the dark even if you must use a towel to keep it covered.

2.  Consistent and controlled temperature storage

Always keep your wine at a constant temperature. Refrigeration is a MUST! Wine should never be kept above 75* for any extended amount of time.  It is ideal to keep it at 55* but if it is cooler it only slows down the aging process.  When the temperature rises, it forces through the cork, when temperatures drop it causes air to be sucked back in.  All changes should always occur slowly to reduce the risk of damage

3. Humidity is King

Humidity plays a major part in Houston when storing your wine. It is recommended to keep the humidity around or below 70%, anything higher can cause mold and the labels to loosen.

4. Side-to-Side

Keeping corked wine stored on its side is ideal. Wine that is stored standing up can cause the cork to dry out, causing it to spoil.  Remember to store it label side up as it is easier to spot sediments that may have developed

5. Limit movement

Once you’ve stored your wine you do not want to move it until you’re ready for consumption. If not properly packaged, you can damage your wine just driving around.  If you need something to help securely transport your wine, try our custom wine boxes with secure packing inserts.

6. Let it breathe, but keep it fresh

Do not forget wine “Breathes” so make sure and not store it around anything with a smell as it could penetrate the cork and ruin the wine

7. Age it to perfection

Most wine will mature within 2-10 years, so be sure you keep it stored properly until it has reached Maxine maturity to enjoy it at its finest

8. Serve it at the right temperature

The serving temperature of your wine varies:

  • Sparkling wines and Champagnes : 43*-47*
  • Blush, dry whites, and rose: 46*-57*
  • Light Red: 55*
  • Deep Red:  59*-66*

Here at Amazing Spaces we have all this covered.  Not only do we follow all the above requirements in storing your wine, we also accept deliveries to make your life easier.  Simply order your wine from your favorite winery’s website and have it shipped directly to one of our storage properties until you are ready to enjoy.  Many of our customers have wine sent throughout the year, to be stored properly, for the perfect Christmas gift .

We're sharing our best holiday wine storage tips with everyone this Christmas season!

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