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Start your resolutions! Amazing tips for getting organized in 2023

Welcome to our discussion on starting your resolutions and getting organized in 2023! New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set intentions and make positive life changes. However, it can be easy to get overwhelmed or lose motivation as the year progresses. That’s why it’s important to have... Continue reading

Amazing Spaces® New Leadership Team Builds on its Founder’s Legacy

In 1998, Scott and Kathy Tautenhahn opened their very first Amazing Spaces Storage Centers property. For over 20 years, the husband-and-wife team grew their company on two principles: providing the best storage experience and being an industry innovator. The couple’s unwavering faith and strong values also guided their endeavors.... Continue reading

It’s going to be hard to top this: Amazing Spaces® celebrates a construction milestone at its newest property

  Amazing Spaces® Storage Centers, Houston area’s premiere provider of personal, business, and wine storage, has officially topped off the frame of their 6th storage property. The company celebrated this milestone with members of the building’s construction crew, Rowland Construction. Conveniently located at the intersection of Buffalo Speedway and... Continue reading

How to Find the Value of Wine: Is it Worth Buying & Storing or Selling!

So, you’ve got a bottle of wine and wondering how to find the value of wine because you’re just not sure how much it’s worth. Whether you’re a fine wine collector, or if you have received an old bottle as a gift, it can be tough to determine the... Continue reading

Best Regions for Growing Wine

If you are a wine lover, traveler, or food blogger, then you have to know all about wines: the process of their production, the source of their production, and where is the best place for growing wine so you get the best quality of wines. In this article, we... Continue reading

What Kind of Wines Are There? Learn All About the Different Types of Wine!

Wine has a way of making everyone feel like they’re at a luxury event, whether alone or with friends and family, but how do you know what kind of wines are best for the occasion? For those who are new to wine, looking at all of those fancy names... Continue reading

The Top 10 Items You Need to Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing

The “for sale” sign has come down, the deposit on the rental truck is paid, and the house has been packed up into (what seems like) a million boxes! Now, it’s time to get moving.  But before saying “goodbye” to your old neighborhood, have you considered how to travel... Continue reading

The Best Self Storage Solution in Magnolia TX

Amazing Self Storage Solutions in Magnolia TX Imagine your home or business more organized and peaceful, with less clutter and more space. Wouldn’t that be Amazing? At Amazing Spaces, we offer our clients exceptional storage options to meet all their home and business needs. Amazing Spaces is a self-storage... Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Moving with Birds

Alright, so the bags have been packed, the keys dropped off, and the gas tank is full. Finally, it’s time to move with birds! Here are some ways to safely travel with a pet bird during a move. Birds make beautiful, smart, and highly intelligent pets. Of course, when... Continue reading

How to Move with Horses

Moving is an exciting time in a person’s life, but those who own horses have additional considerations to think about. In fact, when it comes to moving with horses or ponies, many equestrian folks are caught off guard and are unsure how, exactly, can they move with horses. There... Continue reading