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How To Pack Books For Moving | Amazing Moving Tips

Everyone struggles to find ways to pack their valuable items, but for book lovers, this struggle of how to safely pack books is especially challenging. We love our books and want to protect them, but they can be incredibly heavy and often bulky. If the thought of carrying a... Continue reading

How to move with a baby: Guide to moving with an infant

Moving into a new home is already quite difficult on its own. Add an infant or toddler into the mix and it becomes even more so. As you pack everything and try to remember which box has what, you also have to think about babyproofing your new home and... Continue reading

Meet the A-Team! Get to know Patricia, our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah Leasing and Sales Consultant

Today’s A-Player spotlight is our Woodlands ~ Shenandoah ~ Oak Ridge Leasing and Sales Consultant, Patricia! A small-town gal and proud mama bear of two amazing young men, A-Player Patricia puts her heart into helping others and doing something meaningful each and every day. We are so excited to... Continue reading

8 Awesome Places to Buy a Vacation Home!

Are you a travel bug who has started researching how to buy a vacation home? Investing in a vacation home can come with a long list of benefits. Not only do you have your place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of life, but your vacation costs... Continue reading

How to Move After a Divorce: The Ultimate Guide

It’s finally over. After months – or years – of stress, arguments, and tears, you’re finally divorced. The prospect of starting fresh in a new home may be daunting, but it can also be very exciting. If you’re wondering how to move after a divorce, don’t worry – we’ve... Continue reading

How to find a good retirement community

It’s normal to do some soul-searching as you edge towards your retirement years. If you saw our last blog about the best retirement communities, you may be wondering if a retirement community is right for you. More importantly, if it is right for you, how can you find a... Continue reading

The Best Retirement Communities in the USA

It is an impossible task to make a list of the best retirement communities for people 55 and older. First, there are thousands of retirement communities around the country. Second, they’re all different. Retirement communities come in all shapes and sizes, offering a diverse range of amenities and services.... Continue reading

10 Amazing Wine Accessories Every Wine Connoisseur Needs!

Red? White? Pink? All of the above as long as the bottle is cute? Wine seems to have this aura about it that can make any evening (or morning…no judgement) feel elevated and classy. Wine has this way about it that makes you feel like you are large and... Continue reading

Moving to California: Discover the Golden State

We created this guide for moving to California to help those who are in their very early stages of researching where they’d like to move. So, what exactly do you need to know before moving to California? We complied some of the most important items you should consider when... Continue reading

The 7 Best House Hunting Websites to Find Your Next Home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced real estate investor, the process of finding a new house never exactly looks the same. Still, thanks to the rise of efficient online resources, the road towards a successful purchase is no longer so daunting. Of these, house hunting websites are... Continue reading