Creative Storage Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom


It’s one of those rooms that everyone uses, but not everyone takes the same level of ownership in keeping clean and organized. If you are interested in ideas that can help you keep your bathroom tidy and organized, below are a few ideas that are easy to keep up with, look great, and might even encourage others in your family to use the organization system as well.

There’s often a lot of bathroom spaces that go un-used! Did you know that the space behind the toilet it prime real estate for organization?  A simple space saver that is easy on the budget is this storage rack from Amazon. Looking for something that mounts directly to the wall and looks more like a piece of furniture but is fully functional? Check out this Wood and Wire Cubbies from Pottery Barn. Using this space to store essentials frees up limited cabinet space and clears your counter!


Woven baskets are a favorite in many rooms of the house, including the bathroom. There’s a good reason why, as well. Baskets are a pleasant-looking addition to many bathrooms for numerous purposes. If you like to keep extra towels in the bathroom, but your towel closet is outside the bathroom, baskets can be an eye-appealing option. Simply fold or roll them, and then place them inside the basket. Attractive, woven baskets can be found at numerous retailers, both in-store and online, including Target, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond and many other retailers.

Wire Baskets For Curling Irons

Where do you put the curling or flat iron when it is still cooling? This question is especially important if you have young children, as you don’t want them to burn themselves on anything that is still hot. It’s also an issue if you don’t like to have your counters cluttered with too many objects. Wire baskets, such as the kind that you would find at Staples or an Office Max, can fix this problem. Simply attach the wire basket in a place near where the cord will easily reach, and then you have a place that’s out of the way that you can store your hair iron. If you plan on using it again in a few minutes, you can even leave it on without fear of someone burning themselves or it being too close to something that could catch fire.

bathroom storagePlant Pots For Makeup Brushes

If you’re the type of woman who likes the effects of several kinds of makeup brushes, then you probably also know the frustrations of trying to keep them clean and organized. If you put them in a drawer, what often happens is that something spills or the bristles become damaged. It’s also harder to find the exact brush that you are looking for. One solution to this is to store them upright in pots. Buy some plastic gemstones at a Wal-Mart or similar retailer, fill each pot with the plastic gems, and stick the brushes into the gems, bristle side up.

Glass Containers

This is a cost-effective storage hack that will help you stay organized while also maintaining a cute design! Mount jars onto the wall to house cotton balls, toothbrushes, and makeup brushes. THIS mason jar wall caddy frees up your much-needed counter space and creates an efficient and organized area! Feeling creative? Try THIS DIY mason jar organizer and you’ll appreciate your hard work each and every day!

Items such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, and similar items don’t always look the most attractive directly out of the packaging, but if you put them in glass jars, they actually become stylish. Plus, they’re easy to reach, and it becomes easier to gauge how much you go through on a weekly basis and when you will need to buy more of them. Places such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Pottery Barn sell clear, simple jars that will keep bathrooms looking fresh and clean.

Drawer Dividers

Bathroom drawers tend to be the “catch-all” for everything from hair products and toothpaste, to Band-Aids and ointment. Creating an organized space will help you be more efficient during your morning routine and keep everything from moving around when you open and close the drawers! Check out THIS adjustable drawer organizer option!

Rail-Based Organizer For the Kids

IKEA makes a rail-based organizer. The rails are installed to the walls, and the baskets can be placed on the rail. This is perfect for a kid’s bathroom if your children are about four or older. Younger children might be constantly pulling the baskets off the rail, but slightly older children will actually find it fun to help organize their things.

Creative Corner Storage

Every ounce of space counts, even the corners! Use corner shelves like THESE to store extra toilet paper(for the practical thinker!) or spice up your decorating with some nice, scented candles.

Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Organizers

If you’re getting requests from the bathroom for a spare roll of toilet paper, you’ll appreciate this solution. An over-the-toilet organizer can store several rolls of toilet paper, as well as any magazines that you might like to keep close by. Retailers such as IKEA, JC Penny’s, Pottery Barn, and Bed, Bath & Beyond all carry these storage items.

bathroom storageMagnetic Knife Strip for Metal Odds and Ends

Finding items like tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins can always be a challenge if they are just haphazardly tossed in a drawer. A clever solution to this problem is to purchase a magnetic strip that you would normally hang knives in the kitchen on, but attach it somewhere in the bathroom instead. The inside of a cabinet is a good place if you prefer to keep it out of sight. You can find a magnetic knife strip at places such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, or DÉCOR Builders Hardware in Conroe or Houston.

A Spice Rack For Added Storage

If you find that the cabinet underneath your sink is always a mess, you can try using some unconventional storage solutions such as a spice rack. Smaller jars full of odds and ends can be easily stored on a spice rack under the bathroom sink.

With all the beauty supplies, and with all the people who regularly use the bathroom, this is one space that needs a fresh update in it’s organizing on a regular basis. If you keep up with it, though, your bathroom will be more organized and feel fresher, and you’ll feel less stressed, as well.

These are just a few of our favorite bathroom storage hacks and we hope they inspire you to organize your bathroom space today! Looking to go the extra mile? Update your décor simply and on a budget by changing the shower curtain out for something new and swapping your old towels and washcloths for a new color scheme!

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