The Best Ways To Declutter Your Home & Business


How to Organize By Eliminating Clutter at Home and Work

Any home or business can become unorganized and cluttered which can lead to an overwhelming sense of frustration. It seems as though clutter builds up overnight and produces a messy environment that can compromise peace of mind for families and employees. Creativity and productivity suffer in a messy, cluttered, unorganized environment. Studies show that living or working in an organized space gives a greater sense of well-being and contributes to a more efficient household or office. There are many reasons why clutter builds up and causes a complete state of disorder, but the problem is not beyond fixing. It may not be easy to get rid of clutter, but it is a task anyone can accomplish. The first step is to make a commitment to start small and eliminate the clutter before it becomes uncontrollable. It requires making a resolution to take one step at a time until the entire project is complete. It will take time and effort but will be a well-won victory for those who tackle the job head-on.

Reasons Clutter Builds Up

Having too much stuff in a limited space causes clutter to accumulate when things do not have a designated place. When a few things are put in the wrong places, it takes a lot of effort to pick them up and put them away. It only takes a few hours for clutter to build up and cause a room to become messy. A time-consuming task is easy to walk away from with the intention of returning later to pick things up. The problem is that buying new things and not finding a place for old ones or getting rid of them just contributes to more clutter. Whatever the reasons for the clutter, a little organization helps by providing a place for everything. It is then a matter of putting everything back where it belongs once it is not being used.

Begin Slowly

declutter your homeFinding the time to clean and get rid of clutter seems impossible and daunting even when it has become an absolute necessity that cannot be postponed any longer. The time and energy that is required to successfully reorganize and eliminate unnecessary items can take a major commitment. Some people find that the best place to start is to clean out a drawer or a closet first and then proceed to tackle larger tasks. They find that by staying focused on a small job at first and completing it before taking on a larger one; they feel more of a sense of accomplishment. Just the simple task of organizing a drawer has an overall energetic effect that makes it easier to move on to closets, shelves, and even basements.

Take an Inventory of Physical Clutter

After taking the initial step of deciding to reorganize a home by getting rid of clutter that takes up space and causes undue stress for the family, make a list of items by category. This step will require sitting down either alone or with other family members to decide on which items belong in which category. This can be a time-consuming process, but it is necessary before even starting the organizing process. This is where sentimentality may play a role, but it is better to remember that the primary goal is to think rationally if an organized environment is an ultimate intent.

Concentrate on Putting Items in Categories

There should really be only three considerations when determining how to get rid of the clutter. Items that will definitely be kept must be separated from the rest. This would include important documents, keepsakes, clothing that is worn often, and similar items. There should be a throwaway pile of everything that is unwanted, broken, or nobody has used for a long time. Since there will be items that do not really fall in either category right now, there should be a place for these. If there is a question about keeping them or not, this is where they belong.

Use Containers for Sorting

Since there should be only two basic options when deciding what to do with clutter, have at least two boxes or plastic containers labeled “keep” and “throw away”. The “keep” boxes should be labeled with the stored items and the date. There should be a designated area for storing the boxes that will be kept. It might be advantageous to rent a storage facility for these items. Throwaway items can be further divided into giveaway or recycling. Many organizations will accept any items that are in good shape and provide a receipt for tax purposes. Many cities have recycling centers for specific items. It helps to eliminate the clutter while cleaning and organizing to immediately take the boxes to their destinations once the task is complete. This step does take a lot of time but is a good way to get started. Getting rid of things is a hard choice to make and is a major hurdle for many people to overcome.

Office Organization Equals Increased Productivity

When an office becomes cluttered and disorganized, work slows down and stress ensues. Time management plays a key role in a successful career and time can be saved by maintaining an organized workspace. Small offices function better with a small desk that gives more space for other essential furniture and equipment. When desks get cluttered and unorganized, productivity slows down. A good way to keep an organized desk is to utilize some office accessories such as step file holders for keeping project file folders within reach. It is helpful to use a color-coding system for all file folders. They should be labeled and organized in a file holder or in a stacking file folder for easy access. Pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small necessary office supplies should be organized together in a plastic drawer tray. By placing printer desks and filing cabinets behind the desk, they are out of the way but are easily accessible from the office chair. An organized, clutter-free desk is much more efficient and makes a good impression on visitors and clients.

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