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You may have started thinking about getting organized for hurricane season because of a recent focus in Texas on hurricane preparedness. Even if you own a property in an area that is extremely unlikely to get hit by a hurricane, you could have relatives in a hurricane zone that will need supplies in case of emergency. Unlike other preparation kits, a list of supplies can include large or bulky items. For hurricane kits that involve large homes or multiple families, you could be wondering what tools you have at your disposal to house supplies. Thankfully, we have insight from a few customers about how they used a storage space for weather disaster supplies. Because of our nearly 20 years’ experience in the self-storage industry, we can help you with any questions you might have.

Storage units help neighborhoods stay organized

On hurricane preparedness websites like Ready.gov, they specifically ask for able-bodied people to check their neighbor’s home before a storm. In particular, they want neighbors to have relationships because, in the past, over half of storm victims were dependent on neighbors until formal government help arrived. They also advise checking to see if your neighbor needs something from the store when you go to get your own supplies. In cases where you are the neighborhood leader for hurricane preparedness or want to make sure your elderly neighbor is covered, having a cache of supplies in a storage unit works for many home and business owners.

Having a storage unit out-of-town helps define evacuation plans

One of the main ideas that everyone should focus on as the first step in hurricane preparedness is to evaluate the places you frequent and develop an evacuation plan. This includes figuring out how you would handle getting out of your home or job and into a safe space if disaster strikes. This also means knowing where you’re going to get your supplies. In addition to keeping some in a backpack at work, in your car or in a closet in your house, you can also put extra supplies in a storage unit, where you’re already storing other items.

A storage unit means everyone is covered

HurricaneAnother area of disaster preparedness is to determine your risk. For people with dependents, this list soon expands to include three or more individuals. If you are head of household for adult children or adult parents, this list can grow to over 10 people you would be responsible for during an emergency. To ensure everyone is covered before disaster strikes, there may be a need to collect extra clothes, bedding, and medical supplies. The upside of this arrangement is being able to give away supplies to those in need. For example, if something were to happen to a neighbor’s home, you have everything in storage that they will need to get through the first few rough weeks.

Bulky preparedness items that you might want to store elsewhere

Does your disaster preparedness include several tents, camping supplies, and bulky items that do not fit in your garage? Especially if you’re trying to help older family members or people with disabilities, it might be up to you to store and move any bulky supplies. Instead of tripping over them throughout the year and only using them for camping, try putting them in storage. Naturally, once you start using a storage unit, the rest of your space also tends to clear up quickly.

Helping with a post-storm disaster move

Unfortunately, storms can easily disrupt the lives of friends and loved ones, and they might be better off staying with you until their insurance company can get them back home. During a natural disaster, there may also be limited hotel space. Fortunately, with the help of a storage unit, generous homeowners can help someone that is severely affected by disasters. Along with storing their belongings that are salvaged from the wreckage of their home, you can also place personal items in the storage unit to make more room for your guests. While some storage units require a lengthy lease, look for premium properties that offer month-to-month storage for situations like these.

Keeping storage safe from prohibited items

It’s important to remember that you are not permitted to store certain items in your space. The reason for such limitations is that certain items can cause damage to the storage environment itself. That means not only does it make your items vulnerable, but it threatens everyone’s space on the property. Such items include hazardous materials, like, gunpowder, and gasoline.  Storage properties vary on their terms of what you can and cannot store in your space. Make sure to ask the property manager during your initial search for storage. If you’ve been at the property for a few years and can’t remember, simply call the store and ask. Be a good storage neighbor and protect your own items. Make sure you’re storing the right kind of items in your space. It’s always better to be safe and secure in the items you store.

We have space for teams to assemble disaster supplies

Do you need to get several people from your neighborhood together to organize a disaster strategy and supply team? In many cases, the people that organize these groups will be businesses in neighborhoods that want to do their part to protect their neighbors during a storm. However, if you do not have professional business space to use as a meeting place, our conference rooms are available. In addition to providing a space for everyone to discuss and sort the project, we also have storage spaces available to start storing supplies as needed.

Let us help you get organized for hurricane season

Whether you have too many hurricane preparedness supplies because you are a neighborhood leader or you simply do not want to keep hurricane or disaster supplies too close to bad weather zones, we have the storage solutions for you. In addition to providing convenient payment options online, our professional staff can help you find the exact storage solution you need. For example, along with storage that resembles a closet in your home, we have spaces for parking cars and RVs. We also have extra-large spaces with locks that can be accessed by anyone that has the code. This is convenient for family members or organized preparedness neighborhood teams that will need access to the storage space in case of an emergency. To learn more, call us today at Amazing Spaces.

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