Amazing Post-Hurricane Resources for our Neighbors

#Harvey is No Match for #Houston Watching our communities respond to the disaster Hurricane Harvey left behind has been nothing short of Amazing.  Neighbors opened up their homes to  strangers. Our country came together in what is known as one of the worst natural disasters to hit the USA.... Continue reading

Hurricane Organization - Reliable Things To Absolutely Have Handy

You may have started thinking about getting organized for hurricane season because of a recent focus in Texas on hurricane preparedness. Even if you own a property in an area that is extremely unlikely to get hit by a hurricane, you could have relatives in a hurricane zone that... Continue reading

Houston Hurricane Survival Tips

  With all of this unexpected rain we’ve been getting lately in our little Houston area I thought now would be a great time to post a few helpful tips on preparing for hurricane season! Even if you’re not expecting to get any significant damage to your home, it’s always better to... Continue reading