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Do you often feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home storage space, such as your attic? You’re not alone! This is a struggle for many, and it especially becomes daunting around the holidays when you’re searching for decorations and trying to sort through all of your items. Now, is the perfect time to get organized in preparation for the upcoming seasons and when Christmas rolls around at the end of the year, you’ll feel prepared and organized. Here’s some great tips for tackling your attic or home storage space!

Plan to succeed—The best thing you can do when taking on a project like this, is to have a plan! This may look different for each scenario, but, a good place to start is asking for a helping hand. You’ll be more efficient and focused with someone else helping you sort through things. Pick a date and time and invite your spouse, child, neighbor or friend to help! If you feel your space is SO crammed with items that you’re not sure you can part with, it’s helpful to consider hiring a professional organizer. This individual can help you sort through your items and emotions as you determine what’s worth saving and what’s not! Search for one in your area today.

Have resources available—Do you have decades of items to sort through that you know you’ll be sending to the trash? It may be worth renting a dumpster to have on site. If you’re not looking to do quite such an extensive clean out, be sure to have large, oversized trash bags on hand and your car trunk cleaned out for trips to the local donation center or your off-site storage space.

Make TWO piles—One of the easiest ways to sort through items, is to make two piles, one to keep and one to give away or donate. Some helpful thoughts when sorting through clutter is to identify if you love it or use it? If it fits either of those, chances are you should probably keep it around, but, if not, be sure to determine if it’s something you REALLY need.

Organizing your items to keep—All of the items you have selected that you’d like to keep, now need to be organized. This is the fun part…if you’re keeping the items in your home storage, you’ll want to look ahead to the next bullet point. But, if there’s items that you know would be better served in an alternate storage space, contact us, at Amazing Spaces. We’re happy to help determine the best option for you and your items. Not to mention, we will keep them in their best shape, with our climate controlled, AMAZING storage spaces! Call us today, 281-378-4343.

Storing your items—It’s recommended that when storing your items, utilizing plastic/rubber bins best protects against insects and rodents. You can become even more organized by color coding your bins based on category and/or holiday. Once you’ve color coded them, create a certain area in your attic as a designated zone. For instance, create a space just for Christmas décor, or, the kid’s clothing they’ve outgrown. Check out our blog on storing Bulky Halloween Decorations and Storing the Holidays. In addition to storing your items in bins, there’s lots of handy storage on the walls created specifically for your space, like these attic truss shelves.

Label & inventory—Last but not least, it’s important to label and number your storage bins and keep an inventory list. In an effort to recycle your bins, it’s recommended to use either a label machine or sticker labels that adhere directly to the bin. If you’d like to get really specific, you can label what items are in each individual bin, on a sheet of paper adhered to the outside of the container. Otherwise, a general inventory list works well too!

Your next home project can be made easier by simply being organized and prepared! All it takes is creating and maintaining an organized space and you’ll be setup for future success. We love helping our customers maximize their space at home, by providing them with additional space at our Amazing Spaces storage centers. Stop in today at any one of our six locations:

Happy organizing!

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