How To Organize Your Life After Moving


If you are moving into a new home, then it is essential to organize your life after moving as soon as possible to reduce any stress along with eliminating physical dangers. It isn’t safe to have a home that has plastic totes and cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling, so at Amazing Spaces Storage Centers in Houston, we recommend renting a storage unit to hold your extra possessions. With a climate-controlled storage unit, you can store large and small items until you have time to sort through everything, or you can keep a storage unit all the time to hold seasonal items such as sporting gear or holiday decorations. It is also vital to organize your life after moving to avoid additional problems, and here are some important tips to help you with the process.

Moving Tip 1: Visit the Post Office

Make sure to visit the post office after you move to have your mail delivered to your new home. You should contact credit card companies to change your address, but if a letter or bill has the old address on it, then the post office can intercept it so that it is delivered to your new home. Make sure to bring along identification to prove who you are.

how to organizeMoving Tip 2: Create a Safe Bathroom In Your New Home

You should make sure you have a safe bathroom in your new home. Sanitize the bathroom’s fixtures first before hanging a new shower curtain. Place absorbent slip-proof rugs on the floors of a bathroom, especially near the bathtub. If the floor of the bathtub or shower stall is slippery, then apply self-adhesive gripper devices on the floor to avoid a fall.

Moving Tip 3: Turn On the Refrigerator

If you moved a refrigerator, then turn it on as soon as possible so that it becomes cold enough to store food. This can take as long as 24 hours, so during this time, you will need to eat at restaurants or pick-up meals. While you’re waiting for the refrigerator and freezer to get cold, wash the interior surfaces of your kitchen cupboards and drawers so that you can store glassware, dishes and utensils.

Moving Tip 4: Verify That Your New Home Has Secure Devices

Walk through your new home to determine if you have secure locks on your doors, including the garage door and patio doors. Verify that the windows are also secure. You may want to add solar lights to the exterior of your home, and you should also trim the shrubs or trees outside to ensure that potential burglars don’t have a place to hide.

Moving Tip 5: Create a Restful Bedroom

You will want a restful bedroom, so choose the best location for your bed and furniture. Unpack your clothing to store in a chest of drawers or a closet. When you are storing an item in a drawer, roll or fold it carefully to prevent wrinkles and place similar items together. In the closet, use the same color and style of hangers as much as possible while creating zones for your clothing to make it easier to get dressed in the morning.

how to organizeMoving Tip 6: Measure The Windows In Your Home

A home needs window coverings for privacy and climate control, so you should use measure each window carefully before writing down the measurements to buy new window blinds or draperies. You can find window coverings at local or online stores, but you will want to choose colors and designs that look attractive with a room’s carpets and walls.

Moving Tip 7: Choose Bookshelves For Your Home

It is easier to enjoy your new home when you are organized, and you can find an assortment of products for each room. You may want bookshelves in your living room, bedroom or office to store books along with having picture frames with photographs of your friends and family. There are open bookshelves, but you may also prefer doors on some shelves so that you can store items such as board games.

Moving Tip 8: Storage Devices For the Kitchen

To make food storage and preparation easier in a kitchen, you can find items such as drawer dividers, utensil holders, and turntables. With turntables, you can store multiple containers of spices or cans of soup. You can find large turntables that fit underneath a kitchen’s sink, or you can find smaller devices to use on the kitchen’s countertop.

Moving Tip 9: Organize the Linen Closet

Wash your towels and bedding so that you can organize your home’s linen closet. Roll or fold towels and washcloths to store the items beautifully on the shelves of the linen closet. You can hang some of these items on the towel rods in your bathroom, or use baskets made of wicker or plastic. These types of containers are also perfect for holding extra rolls of bathroom tissue.

organization tipsMoving Tip 10: Help Children Organize Their Rooms

Your children will have an easier daily life when their bedrooms are organized rather than having clutter. Choose fun storage containers such as toy boxes and shelves that are close to the floor so that toddlers can store items on their own. While teenagers don’t have as many toys to store, they do have other items such as electronics, books, and memorabilia. Let a teenager choose their own storage devices to encourage them to keep their bedroom organized.

Moving Tip 11: Contact Amazing Spaces For Assistance

If you have too many valuable items to have a home, then call Amazing Spaces for help. We can help you choose the best type of storage for your possessions, including having climate control. When you have large items to store, we can arrange rental trucks along with movers to pick up your items. We also provide clothing racks and storage containers so that you can maximize the space inside your storage unit.

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