Long Term Storage Tips

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We provide amazing spaces for people to store their items on a short-term and long-term basis! Often times, individuals will arrive at our location anticipating short-term storage and will quickly feel that Amazing Spaces is truly such an extension of their home that they cozy-in for the long-run (and we love it!)

Selecting the right storage space for you with the safety you deserve for peace of mind!

  1. Ask the Right Questions. First and foremost, here’s our list of 8 things to ask when storage shopping!
  2. Find the Right Size(s). Determining the right size storage space for your needs is one of the first steps towards getting setup for success! Our Storage Size Calculator makes the whole process of finding your perfect space for long term storage EASY!
  3. Look for painted and sealed floors. This is a biggie and surprisingly more challenging to find. Painted and sealed floors help cut down on dirt and dust while also minimizing moisture in the air. If you plan to store things for the long term, this is something you definitely want to make sure you have.
  4.  Ensure alarms are monitored 24/7.  More and more companies have alarms on their spaces, but not all companies have alarms that are actually monitored by a security team throughout the day. This means, if someone accesses your space after hours, nobody will know until the following morning when the property team checks their computer.  Yikes! At Amazing Spaces, our professional security team monitors alarms 24/7; if any alarm is triggered, a police officer will be dispatched, regardless of the time of day.
  5. Look for Tamper-proof Alarms. Be sure the alarms on the space are secured inside the actual space and not the outside. An alarm outside the space have the potential to be tampered with, lowering the level of security put on your items.  All alarms at Amazing Spaces are located inside each space; you can see all of the amazing security measures we take to protect your space, HERE on our website!
  6. Appropriate Points of Contact. Many folks like to have a point of contact, such as a family member, on their lease to check on items. If this is something of interest, be sure to include the person as an alternative contact on your lease to give full access rights. At no point may any self-storage employee legally access your items, even with your permission.
  7. Don’t Store Unapproved Items. Here’s our full list of items not allowed in your storage space.
  8. Storing Furniture for the Long-haul? Here’s our tips on properly storing your furniture!
  9. Use Climate Controlled Storage. Be sure that the space is properly climate controlled to preserve your items, good as new! Check out our blog post all about our climate control difference.

Are you looking for unique long-term storage? Do you have an automobile, RV or boat that you need to store for the long-run? We can help! Check out our full service listings for these items! Our full list of storage and packing tips provide more insight into preparing and packing for success! What are some items you find yourself holding onto and often times need long-term storage for? Stop into any one of our 5 locations and chat with our A-Team about the many options we have available for you!

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