Sensational Yet Simple Tips on Storing Summer Clothing

Attention all Houstonians: Fall is finally here and it’s time to finally start storing summer clothing items.  Our office is buzzing with excitement over the fact that we will probably not see 90-degree weather for the rest of the year.  The time for sweaters and cozy outfits is right... Continue reading

Quick And Easy Tips For Storing Your Mattress

There are several quick and easy tips for storing your mattress. Having a high-quality bed can cost thousands of dollars, but it’s an important and wise investment since we spend over one-third of our lives sleeping. It’s important to protect mattresses so that they last a long time. Mattresses... Continue reading

Moving Into A Senior Living Community – How Storage Can Help

When you’re moving into a senior citizen community, you might not have a lot of space available for your possessions. However, you can rent a secure storage unit. Our team of employees understands that moving is often stressful, and in some cases, sometimes you have to move quickly, making... Continue reading

How To Store Items After A Hurricane Or Flood Damage

Weather disasters create many hardships for individuals and businesses. If you’ve encountered problems due to Hurricane Harvey, it can bring peace of mind realizing that you can store belongings temporarily during the cleanup or rebuilding process. By following some simple guidelines, you’ll optimize your ability to use self-storage space... Continue reading

Amazing Tips On How To Prepare Items for Storage

If you’re looking to either renovate your house or move to a new home, you may need to relocate your belongings into storage for the time being. However, even though this can seem like tedious work, it’s important that you take care of your belongings. To store your stuff... Continue reading

Do You Need Small Business Storage? A Quick & Helpful Guide

Modern self-storage facilities present many options for small businesses. Whether you need storage for short term or long term purposes, storage units play a significant role in archiving documents, securely storing equipment and inventory. When ignored, storage issues can cause severe damages to any business. It therefore becomes imperative... Continue reading

20 Simple & Easy Tips & Tricks On How To Store Furniture

Major life transitions like downsizing or moving can be stressful and overwhelming, particularly if you aren’t able to bring all your furniture with you. Storing your furniture can alleviate some of your stress by keeping family heirlooms, sentimental pieces, or items that will be used in the future safe... Continue reading

Why RV Storage Is The Best Solution

When you need old-fashioned outdoor RV storage or want an upscale enclosed space for your RV, Amazing Spaces has the answers you’ve been seeking. For example, you might be having a conflict with the neighbors over your parked RV or you might need to store an RV while your... Continue reading

What’s the Best Way to Store Furniture? 6 Amazing Furniture Storage Tips!

Finding the best way to store furniture can be tricky. A lot of our clients use their storage space for storing furniture for a variety of reasons, including before or after moving, as a way of adding space to a home, when clearing an office, or when putting an... Continue reading

When to Use RV Storage Over Traditional Storage

New homeowners in Texas might decide to design their home and yard so that they can safely store a motorhome while also keeping it away from the prying eyes of their neighbors. This can be a fantastic solution that guarantees easy access and use of the RV year-round. However,... Continue reading